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A week late but finally here. GET HYPED.

So as you undoubtedly noticed (did you notice? I hope you noticed) there was no post last week. (Unless you count Sunday, which was technically last week, but don’t count Sunday, it completely breaks the theme.) There was a game night last week, but for mundane, ultra-boring reasons, I was not able to post after. And then once you miss the night of, there seems to be no urgency to get the post out there. You know, I’ll just post whenever. And then of course it never happened.

So the plan was to do a first-ever double post. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Well, it would have been. But Leon’s off to Gencon and Steve forgot he has to have a tree cut down and Workman couldn’t be bothered, and just like that, game night got canceled this week. So, no game night, no double post, no other solarium. And now all we’re left with is an incredibly late, underwhelming post from last week’s game night. Sorry for the lame.

It was Steve’s pick. He had nothing. I showed him his list. Still nothing. He asked to play “something new”. So we played something technically old, but new to us.

Arctic Scavengers box

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Working Title For Yet Another TI4 Post

Guess what today was? Hint:

Twilight Imperium fourth edition box

You guessed it.....Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition day!

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Ocean's 3

Steve had to choose between priorities this week, and he chose poorly. Leon had similar conflicts, but he opted out of something other than game night. I think we know who the hero of this story is. But I digress.

Left with three, we decided to do something we hadn’t done in a few years. We decided to rob a bank.

Burgle Bros.

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Quick hacks for early prototyping

Hello. My name is Tony and I like to play games and make ... stuff. That's enough about me. My plan for this series is to do two or three entries over the next couple of months and then abandon it. I'm fairly confident of success with the bar set at this level.

So anyway, over the past few years I've played a few board games and this means I also think about making them. There are a lot of blogs about game design already, so I'm going to take a different approach - and write mostly about how to prototype things using random crap. Unfortunately this means my children are also in on the deal. Here is something I came home to a couple of years ago.

New designers

I'm not going to claim that this was a 'good' game, but it did have an expansion called "the blacksmith". That's actually pretty much the sort of thing you're in for, I'm afraid.

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My top ten UKGE 2018 moments

UK Games Expo: better than Christmas for gamers

Those were the thoughts of my friend Kev, but I completely concur. This year, my UKGE experience was better than ever...and also rather different. I went on the Friday and Saturday but wasn't heading into the convention with masses of plans of demos and buying. Instead I had a couple of stands to visit, a few purchases/sales to pickup/deliver, and nothing else concrete. Instead, I would play some games, stroll round the halls seeing what piqued my interest...and spend some time with friends. So, here's my top ten UKGE 2018 moments.

Open gaming

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