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Workman actually thought of a clever title for this week’s post but I won’t use it because I hate him so damn much

(Pssst.....don’t repeat this or anything, but it was Workman’s turn to pick and we didn’t play Charterstone. I repeat, we DID NOT play Charterstone. Maybe they’ve forgotten? A girl can dream.)

But yes, it was game night, it was Workman’s pick, and we played Terra Mystica of all things.

Terra Mystica box

I say “of all things” because it felt like an out-of-the-blue pick. Not something Workman would suggest at all. But I was fine with it. At one point, TM was my favorite game. (Did you notice my avatar?) It was the first fairly heavy game I played when I got back into board games, and I loved it. I don’t desire playing it like I used it, and it’s not my favorite anymore, but I still very much enjoy it. I suck at it, but I enjoy it.

Steve was the only one of us who hadn’t played. Workman explained the rules (if I’m honest, the only reason I’d never picked TM was I didn’t want to try to teach it), we picked factions, and we were off.

We told Steve to be the Nomads. It’s a good first game faction. Workman was the Cultists, Leon was the Alchemists, and I was the Swarmlings (I’d never been them before).


I’d date this guy. Assuming he made me laugh and was interesting to talk to. Absolutely.

We all regretted our starting spots immediately. We all got up in everybody’s grill and I didn’t pick good neighboring spaces. But I managed to branch out and got my first town fairly early (for me).

My second town pains me to talk about. I placed my starting dwelling near the river, and by the time I got around to expanding, everybody had taken over my backyard. No worries, I’ll just cross the river and expand that way. Seemed easy. What could go wrong?

I did some terraforming. Then I spent three power and placed a bridge. I would terraform and build on the very next turn. Except Workman had spent the early game building up his shipping, and I didn’t realize he could get to where I was going. So of course he built on my space. Sweet lord, I hate him.

But whatevs. Wasted turn. Wasted power. I’d bridge again next round and expand in another direction. Except next round, I spent another three power and placed another bridge, and looked at Workman and said “Surely you aren’t going to build there too.” “Actually I am.” And that m#&$!?-f@&#%! c%?!-s$&@# built on my space. Again. I was broken.

He built on my space again

@%#$+&* &$! of a ?!@#$.

I eventually spent way too much to terraform a sand space and finally got my second town. And in all honesty, I wasn’t even that mad. Even I could see the humor. I mean, I still hate Workman and all, but it was pretty damn funny.

After that, we had the typical end-game race to the top of the cult tracks and get points wherever you can turns. And then it was over.

Near end-game board state

Near end-game board state.

Workman won with 103, I was a distant second with 78, Leon had 65, and Steve had 58. (I realize these are not good scores. Be gentle.)

I still really enjoy this game. I like figuring out how to turn what you have into what you need most efficiently. I like the super-weird faction abilities. And I know Gaia Project is a way better game, but Terra Mystica holds a special place in my heart, and probably always will. Good game.

Next up, we played Skull. I have grown to loathe this game. So much so, I didn’t even try. I bid myself out of the game as soon as possible. Steve won. Rinse and repeat, Workman won. I think they only play it because they know I hate it.

Finally, we played Love Letter. I took an early three cube lead, but they all caught up, and then Steve won. It may really be the year of Steve.

And thus we conclude another epic game night. Thanks for coming along. (And don’t repeat this, but Leon’s picking next week and I don’t think he’s picking Charterstone either. Woot.)

Happy gaming!