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Working Title For Yet Another TI4 Post

Guess what today was? Hint:

Twilight Imperium fourth edition box

You guessed it.....Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition day!

We had the full six again...me (Yssaril Tribes), Steve (L1z1x Mindnet), Workman (Yin Brotherhood), Munch (Arborec), Leon (Winnu), and Dodd (Federation of Sol).

I liked my faction. I was a Sméagol-esque looking tribe of action card manipulators. Another faction ability I can get my head around.

Yssaril tribes

I dig the earrings.

Today’s game started slowly. No one seemed pleased with the board layout. Except maybe Steve. His home planet was well-protected by hazards. And Dodd. He had lots of planets and tech specialties. And Leon. He had a clear path to Mecatol. So mostly just me and Munch and Workman weren’t pleased with the board layout.

Leon took the early lead. He took Mecatol, took his free VP and he was off to the races. Me, not so much. It took me two turns (maybe three) to even score an objective. I hung out in last place for a while.

Check it out. I got implants

Check it out. I got implants. (Is it me, or do my factions always make boob references?)

On one of the early turns, someone (I think Leon) took Construction. I built a PDS. A few minutes later, I realized I should have built a space dock instead as I had a “have three space docks” objective. I thought about asking if anyone cared if I ret-conned it - it wouldn’t have affected anyone else’s subsequent actions - but I decided to keep it as it was. After all, I had plenty of time to build two more space docks. (Remember this. It will be important later.)

The view from my home planet.

The view from my home planet.

I finally got into a bit of a groove, completing one or two objectives a round. I completed one objective - have at least one ship in a system adjacent to another player’s home world - with some panache (I thought). After being thwarted by Workman twice (in fairness, he didn’t know what I was trying to do, he was just moving around the board) I finally moved two cruisers through a wormhole with flank speed, landed in a system full of Workman destroyers, and then played skilled retreat (before he got the chance to kick my ass) to back into the system next to his home world. (Whew! That’s a lot of thinking for me.)

Even after earning some objectives, I was still in last place, but it was a fairly close field. Dodd took the lead from Leon, and then Workman took the lead from Dodd (Sadly, Munch was in the bathroom when this happened and when he came back, he attacked Dodd to complete some objective involving winning a combat against the player in the lead. Only afterwards did he learn Dodd wasn’t in the lead. Dammit Dodd. Or dammit Workman. Dammit somebody.)

Workman kept the lead for several turns. He kicked Leon out of Mecatol, but then basically ran out of gas. I continued to slowly score objectives and eventually got near the front of the pack. But not all the way to the front. That was all Steve.

Steve had him a war sun.

Steve had him a war sun.

Steve and I remained friendly the whole game. We exchanged support for the thrones, we made trade deals, we even very civilly talked through a mutually agreeable solution to a system we both needed. And we both slowly moved our way forward. He just moved a little less slowly and a little more forward than me.

Ok, so remember the space dock I screwed up and didn’t build and didn’t retcon? Here’s where that came back to bite me. No one else took Construction. So I had to take it. Two straight turns. And in the second of those turns, where Steve was dangerously close to winning, someone needed to take Imperial to try to stop him. He chose last. I chose right before him. And NO ONE took Imperial. So I either took Construction to complete my space dock objective or I took Imperial to try to stop Steve. I chose to try to get as many points as I could before Steve won. Had I already scored that space dock objective, it might have been a whole different outcome. But oh well. I’m a dumbass and I’ll live with it.


Steve well in first. Workman and me tied for second with 8 points, followed by Dodd with 7, and Leon and Munch bringing up the rear with 3 each.

I was happy for Steve. This was his first TI win and he deserved it. He played well. Some of us had bad board set ups, Dodd had some uber shitty luck with the dice, Munch went to the can at the wrong time, but it was a good game overall. We weren’t quite sure who would win until that last turn when Steve dominated. Woot for Steve! (The Year of Steve may be back on again.)

The year of Steve may be back on again

And that was TI4. I think we said it took five and a half hours? Not too bad for six players. Our games are definitely getting closer. And more enjoyable. For me anyway.

Thanks for coming along. Until next time, happy gaming!