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What happens in Vegas.......gets written up in a plucky blog and posted to a niche hobby website for 30-40 people to read and enjoy.

It was my night to pick, and after several failed attempts (I’m looking at you Steve) to play Lords of Vegas in the past few months, Lady Luck finally smiled on me tonight.

Lords of Vegas box

I’ve played this one a couple of times with the fam, but it was new to the Fun Group. [sarcasm font]Everyone listened attentively and did not interrupt while I explained the rules.[/sarcasm font] (To be fair, Leon always listens. Until he’s done listening and wants me to shut up and let him play.)

Lords of Vegas is slow to start. It takes a few turns for people to get casinos built and paying out. But once it gets moving, money is flying around the table.

I was Green

I was green. I didn’t even ask. Workman was kind enough to move my scoring chip up the track the whole game.

Workman decided to gamble every turn early on. And we learned something new about Workman: he has a gambling problem. The problem is he sucks at it. I don’t think he won a single bet. If he was the house, he lost. If he was betting, he lost. It was uniquely enjoyable.

Steve built casinos and got paid. And when he got paid, he sprawled. And when he sprawled, he got paid more. He did very well and took the early lead.

Leon took a slower, steadier approach. He built casinos as well, but his didn’t pay out as much. It was only a matter of time though, so he kept spawling and kept waiting.

It's Vegas, baby!

It’s Vegas, baby! (Wait, is that actually a thing people say? Or did I just make that up? Now that I say it, I don’t think it’s a thing. Forget I mentioned it.)

At one point during his turn, Workman surveyed the board and said “I don’t get this game.” Then I took my turn, sprawling my cowboy casino right up next to his purple casino. I redecorated my casino to purple, turning our two casinos into one bigger casino where I was the new boss. Workman said “Ohhhh. I get this game now.”

He eventually reorganized my purple casino and turned it into an eight-point behemoth where he was boss. Then he just waited for it to pay out. He needed it to pay twice to get back in it and catch Steve.

Meanwhile, I sucked. I did ok early, but then couldn’t sprawl anywhere significant and kept getting reorganized out of power. I never got big enough casinos on the board to make the point breaks I needed to get up the track.

My sad little green scoring chip

My sad little green scoring chip. Just barely made it around the first corner. Lady Luck stopped smiling on me early. Bitch.

I did carve out a nice green casino on the strip that should have paid out a couple of times. But Steve and Leon worked together to reorganize it and take me down. (By “worked together”, I mean Leon paid Steve to to reorganize on his turn. But Steve kept screwing up the rolls and costing them influence. After two such rolls, Steve said “You want me to reroll again?” And Leon replied “No, I’ll reroll it my damn self.” I love when Leon gets animated.

Eventually, Leon’s casinos paid and Workman’s behemoth paid and they both caught Steve and all three of them tied at 33 points. Money was the tie-breaker. Workman was out due to his gambling problem. Steve and Leon counted out their cash.....and were still tied at $61. WTF. Who ties in Vegas?

A three-way tie!

A three-way tie! What are the odds? (Get it? Vegas? Odds?)

I like this game. It’s a ginormous luck-fest, but the luck feels very thematic. And if luck doesn’t go your way, there are a lot of options at your disposal to make things better. This is definitely an every once in a while game, but I dig it. And I dig it with the Fun Group. They make most every game fun.

After Vegas, we played Love Letter. Oddly enough, Workman took the early lead. But he lost it. Leon caught up, and then beat Steve in yet another tie. This time they both ended with a Baron but Leon had more points on the table. All hail King Leon. (Technically Baron Leon, but that doesn’t sound as cool.) Good game.

And good game night. Thanks for coming along. We should all road trip to Vegas some time.

Or not.