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We played Root twice and ate tacos and had birthday cake (Happy Birthday Workman!) and played High Society and I had a pretty stiff cocktail with dinner but it’s fine. I’m fine. Really.

Before we get to game night proper, Workman’s birthday is next week, and we opted to celebrate a bit early. We had pork tacos and tres leches cake and I enjoyed a pretty stiff whiskey sour. After all, it’s not everyday your BFF turns 15! In all seriousness, I know I say I hate Workman all the time but I don’t really. He’s actually one of my all-time favorite people (except for 2-3 hours once a week and sometimes on Sunday afternoons), so everyone wish him a happy birthday. (And please don’t tell him I said any of this. It’s probably the liquor talking anyway.)

But....you’re here for game night. And what a night it was. It was Steve’s pick and he wanted to play Root. I was much excite.

Root box

Steve was the only one to play the same faction as last time. He repeated with the Woodland Alliance. Leon was the Cats. Workman really wanted to play the Eyrie. And I went with the Vagabond.

It took everyone a few turns to get acclimated to their new faction, with Workman asking Leon about the Birds and me asking Workman about the Vagabond and Leon asking me about the Cats and Steve asking a surprising number of questions about the Alliance to no one in particular.

Me. Vagabonding

Me. Vagabonding. I hadn’t made any friends yet according to my friend chart. Just like second grade.

Long story short, Leon freaking dominated. He herded those cats like a professional cat herding person. (Probably not a thing.) He built. He recruited. And he crafted. Thank god, he crafted. Because no one else did. Like, at all.

I would know because in my Vagabond state, I needed items. I explored all my ruins. I tried to craft my own items, but that can be challenging when you have super shitty cards. Lucky for me, I could give those shitty cards to Leon in exchange for his items. (And no Workman, I didn’t give him all those ambush cards he kept screwing you with. No matter what he told you. Well, just that one.)

Root board

After the first few warm-up turns, the game was over pretty fast. Leon got to 30 points with ease. (And with a constant supply of cards provided by yours truly.) I finished with a respectable 19 points in second place, Workman had 13 and Steve had 8. Workman was so frustrated with his faction that he asked for a second game. Game one only took like an hour, so why not?

We played the same factions in game two. I played much the same game as before, just trying to get items and complete quests. And I worked on my relationships this time around. I even got Steve up to a level 2 friend. Noice.


”Hey Steve, will you be my level 2 friend?” “Sure. Do you have any cheese?”

Whatever Steve was doing wrong in game one, he righted in game two. He led his band of woodland creatures to an easy win. I finished in much the same place, this time with 17 but in third place behind Leon who had 18. And Workman dive-bombed his birds to a last place finish with 11. He actually seemed to be playing his decree really well....I think he only fell into turmoil once in the second game. He just couldn’t turn all that decreeing into points. Oh well. He had cake.

I still have a lot to learn about all the factions. I’m no where near being able to play a solid defensive game. And we still played some things wrong, even in game two, but I LOVE this game. It’s so unique. I can’t think of another game that does what it does, or that looks the way it looks. It’s definitely a favorite.

I fended off a bear

I fended off a bear, did you hear?

After Root, we played Steve’s favorite filler High Society. Twice. And we played the two best games of it we’ve played so far. Both games went through the entire item deck before flipping the final green card. Both games were super tight. Workman won the first, I won the second (and it was my most strategic game to date.) Both games were super fun.

This may be the first ever game night where we all four won a game. Is that right? Sounds right. It doesn’t matter in the long run, but it made for a really fun evening. And everyone seemed to like the tacos, so there’s that.

If anyone’s curious, our birthday game for Workman this year was.......


Yellow and Yangtze

He loves him some Tigris & Euphrates, so I imagine he will love this. He seemed pleased.

He’ll be picking that on his next turn. But next week is my pick. Not sure what I want to play. Suggestions are welcome.

Until then.....thanks for reading and happy gaming!