Leon went on vacation. (Some people are so selfish and inconsiderate.) But we had already recruited Munch, so we had four. What we didn't have was a game. We were doing really well with the weekly pick schedule, but then Steve kept not showing up on his night and blew that all to hell, so here lately, it's just been a crapshoot. We suggested different things, but nothing was grabbing anybody. And then over the weekend I found out that the game I played at Origins, the game that I really enjoyed and pre-ordered, was ready for pickup. (And I thought it wouldn't be out till Gencon!) That game was The Godfather.

The Godfather box

Corleone's Empire. A land where "suitcase" is a verb and you don't make change. Ever.

I played again over the weekend and I felt really good about teaching the rules. And despite what anyone may say in the comments, I covered everything. I mean, Munch understood all the rules and he didn't even know what we were playing till he sat down at the table, so anyone who says I didn't explain that completing job cards is an action can suck it.

The early days of the Empire

The early days of the Empire. Back before all the dead bodies dirtied up the river.

I like this game. It's not Eric Lang's best game IMO (that honor will probably always go to Chaos) but I like it. The biggest complaint that I'm hearing is that it completely whiffed on The Godfather theme. And it did. It's a very thematic organized crime game, but apart from a few references and Marlon Brando's face slapped on everything, it really doesn't use the IP at all. But I'm fine with that. I'm not sure what would have brought the movie to life in the game - anytime you draw a card with an orange border you randomly whack somebody? (Ok, now that I say that, that might have been cool.) Not using the actual names of the actual five families was a miss IMO. But again, IP aside, it's a very thematic mobster game and I dig it.

Thematic mobster game

And I think the guys liked it as well. They all seemed to be kicking ass, that much I know. I managed to get one control marker out before the final act, but I didn't hold it long. Steve controlled a lot of the board, but no one would go to his turfs. Munch and Workman were really good at knowing when to take stuff and when to not give other players stuff. At various points in the game, they could barely hold the money and goods they were amassing.

But the Don must take his tribute. The hand management is one of the toughest parts of the game. You can amass a shitload of stuff, but if you don't use it and/or suitcase it, you may lose it.


I love the suitcases. So adorbs.

But Workman managed to amass a shitload of stuff and suitcase all of it. (Of course he did.) He won with 88 points. (And with a shitty rules explanation to boot! What a god he is.) I thought Munch was right there with him, but he was actually right there with me and Steve - he had 60, Steve had 56 and I had 55.

Bunch of meeples

I might have done better if all my peeps weren't floating in the Hudson River in a sack.

As I said before, not a new favorite, but I dig this game. Area control, kind of euro-y, lots of opportunity for movie quotes - it's got it all.

After dabbling in the narcotics trade we played Love Letter. And I kind of wanted to bash my skull in. Lots of chatter, lots of phones being looked at, I thought it might never end. But it did. Munch won. The high point was "I want to see what you've got." "That's what she said."

Tune in next week for more game night antics. Until then....thanks for reading, peace out and happy gaming.

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