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Trucks in Space

There are a few things I do well. I bake outstanding chocolate chip cookies. I merge fearlessly. I can knock back three margaritas and still put up a power score in skeeball.

There are even more things I do poorly. I'm a bad liar. I suck at math. And it turns out I'm a really terrible space truck engineer.

Galaxy Trucker box

Leon picked this week, and he wanted to play Galaxy Trucker. We'd played once before, but Leon wasn't there and he really wanted to try it. Workman brought him up to speed on the rules, and for some insane reason we had to have Tron on in the background, and then we got underway.

I tried to build slower this game. I built better ships, but I still suck at building ships.

My first ship

My first ship.

My second ship

My second ship.

Workman's ship

Workman's ship, pretty much the entire game.

Steve dominated the first round. He was out front, and he fended off pirates and slavers and every card that came out of the deck. Workman had a really good round as well. Leon did moderately well. I was in the back of the pack, and nothing happened to me at all. Nothing bad, but nothing good. Boo first round.

Astronauts making out

All my astronauts, making out. My pink alien making it weird.

Second turn, Steve finished building first. Made a big deal about it. And while the rest of us were still diligently working, he let out a string of profanity when he realized he'd screwed up. I now can't even remember what he'd done wrong, but he got knocked out almost immediately during round two. Leon also got knocked out of round two. Workman and I stayed alive till the end, he dominating and me not dominating.

By round three, it was obvious Workman had run away with things. Leon and I both built components outside the parameters of our ships (I know, we suck), and I lost the ass end of my ship during an unfortunate meteor incident. Steve and Leon did well, but Workman won with 99 credits. I didn't know there were 99 credits in the whole game.

Workman's 99 credits

Workman's 99 credits. There's a 1% in space too.

I got 5 credits

I got 5. 5 credits. Although technically, finishing in the positives is a win. So ha. Shared victory.

After Galaxy Trucker, we played......wait for it......Love Letter. (Shocked faces on three everybody.) Leon, Workman and I got up to three cubes each. I got my third cube after Steve misplayed the countess/prince combo, making me discard the princess when he should have tossed his countess. Leon also knocked himself out that game with a countess misplay. Meanwhile, I kept getting the princess and kept getting boned. Steve managed to get one cube, and then Workman won. Of course he did.

Finally, Skull. I ended up in a head to head with Steve. I hate when it gets down to two players. I should have gone back to my strategy of playing aggressively and getting knocked out early. Steve won. He was happy.

All in all, another fun game night. Plus also, I had an amazeballs peanut butter shake at dinner. It's the little things.

There will be no game night next week as I will be at Origins and apparently the guys can't bear the thought of having game night without me. So no new posts for a bit. But if you happen to be at Origins, look me up. We'll play something.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!