Pubs and cafes are a great place to play games and over the coming months I plan to list the best pubs in the area to rock up, play games. Having a game shelf in a pub is becoming cool but with so many games out there where do you begin? (particularly if you are not hugely into gaming).

So here is Herefordshire Board Gamers Top 10 ultimate pub game starter kit.

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This doesn’t include ‘the classics’ i.e. chess, dice / Yahtzee, cards, dominos, draughts or jenga.

These games are all reasonably cheap to buy, are tough enough to survive abuse, including losing the odd piece, and punch well above their weight for fun. A lot of these have a good ‘wow factor’ and are great to watch.

Prices correct as of 23/05/17 and will link you to a price comparison site.

Dobble (Beach)


Super simple dexterity game, good with 2-8. The beach version is hardier and waterproof. Think snap but meaner and funnier! Under £15

Rhino Hero

Rhino Hero

2+ players. Simply funny and great to watch stacking dexterity game; very visual as you try and build a skyscraper with cards. Under £10

Penguin Trap

Penguin Trap

2+ player. Quick dexterity game, simple yet suspenseful. Great fun to watch. Ebay under £10



4-12 players. A very clever yet simple social word game. Good for audience participation too, one of our favourites. Under £15



2+ players. A simple trivia game about putting things in the right chronological order; much trickier than it looks. When were glasses invented anyway??? Under £15

Love Letter (Original or a theme i.e. Archer or Batman)

Love Letter

2-4 player light card game quick and fun. Under £10

Zombie Dice or Martian Dice

Zombie Dice

2+ players. Push your luck quick and simple dice game. Under £15



3-6 players, bluffing game , simple and clever game but with lots of replayability (this can be played with a deck of cards too). Under £15



4-8 players. Drawing, party / social game; Chinese whispers in drawing form. One of the club's most played games along with Codenames. Under £25



2-5 players. Simple strategy game like scrabble but with shapes: bright, simple and attractive. Under £17

Honourable mention:

King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo

Dice rolling group game with a familiar Yahtzee-style design but more depth. beautiful and clever cards give the game deeper strategy. Under £25

This list would also be great or cafes, community groups, schools, or other shared spaces looking for a new activity.

If you have a better or different list please let us know!

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