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The View from the Bottom of the Food Chain

And just like that, it was game night again.

It was Workman’s night to pick. He chose Dominant Species. I’ve played DS twice before, but it’s been a while. I remember a cut-throat war game where you climb and claw your way to the top of the evolutionary heap by conniving, scheming, and attacking the weakest among you. I can’t imagine why Workman wanted to play.

Dominant Species box

Steve and Leon had never played. Leon picked up the rules really quickly, but Steve had a more typical first game; meaning, he had a first game like mine: “Why am I not dominant? I have the most cubes.” “Wait, you just said cubes didn’t count. Why is he getting all the points?” It’s not a complicated game once you understand it, but it can be hard to wrap your head around everything your first play.

We picked our factions. I picked the insects. Why? Cuz green cubes that’s why. I’m testing out my theory that green is the source of Workman’s power. He chose the amphibians. He acted all cool and aloof like he wanted to be the amphibians. Whatevs. Blue cubes. No power. Steve was the birds and Leon was the reptiles. Yellow and black. Neutral power.


My glorious green insects. Green. GREEN!!

I was feeling pretty good up until Workman all but wiped me off the board by the end of the first turn. I think I had one cube left. Literally. One cube. Amphibians are dicks.

The amphibian agression was misplaced however, as Leon was the clear threat. He and Workman were neck and neck for a while, and then Leon slowly crept ahead. I never count Workman out, but it looked like Leon was in the best position to win. Meanwhile, me and Big Bird were both just trying not to finish last.


I learned to eat grubs. Grubs.

I managed to recover somewhat from my turn-one obliteration. I scored some points. And then I failed to notice that water was regressing. I went extinct on a lot of tiles. A lot. (Workman laughed. He tends to laugh when shitty things happen to me. Rude.)

I gathered what was left of my beleaguered army of insects, wanderlusted a sea tile and scored nine points before bringing about the ice age. In final scoring, Leon slithered his reptiles all the way to a win with 156. Woot! Workman finished second with 133, and I just beat out Steve with 109 to his 105. Woot!

(Please note: Workman did not play green, Workman did not win. Just sayin’.)

I like cones

I know people trick out their DS games with cute little animal tokens, but I actually like the cones. Probably just an insect thing.

Dominant Species is a mean game, but I like it. There’s so much to pay attention to and keep up with, I doubt I will ever be good at it, but I really enjoy it. I like the theme, and I love the mechanics. Solid game.

After DS, we cracked out another game of Love Letter. After an amazing opening game where Workman bested Steve in a head-to-head mind game, we worked our way to a super-exciting three-way tie. And then Workman won and ruined it for everyone. I hate him.

Thus, another game night comes to a close. Fun times were had by all. I think. At any rate, thanks for reading along. Happy gaming!