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The Poor need to stay poor

Before we get into game night proper, I need to do a little housekeeping.

As you may recall, the last time I posted, we were celebrating our two year anniversary as a game group. I had planned a surprise gift, but unfortunately did not plan it four days sooner, which is when I would have had to have ordered it so it would arrive on time. As it was, it arrived the next Wednesday, and we didn’t play last week due to the holiday, so finally tonight I was able to give them their anniversary gift. Better late than never, am I right?

So what was the surprise?

Spoiler alert, custom dice are not as expensive as you might think, and you don’t have to order in large quantities. (Go to Chessex.com and tell them the creevedog sent you.) (The creevedog part is really optional, and probably won’t result in any advantage at all. It just sounded cool.) Long story short, I was able to create a set of dice for each of us and give everyone a set of everyone else’s dice. (That was really hard to say. Everyone got four sets of dice. Damn.)

Custom dice

Leon got his favorite card ever, Total Organ Failure. Steve got angry eyebrows (it’s a thing with him.) Workman got his signature black hat and stamp of approval (he likes to tell us when he approves of our moves.) And I got That’s What She Said (because obvs.) And everyone got their preferred player color. Except me, because I let Workman have green because I’m so awesome. And Leon, because he doesn’t really have a favorite player color but he gets stuck with red a lot. So basically, Steve and Workman got their preferred player colors.

I think they dug it. I actually think they were all relieved it wasn’t some stupid girl thing they were going to have to pretend to like. But I also think they dug it. I hope so. I really enjoyed doing it.

And now.......game night.

It was Leon’s night to pick. He wanted to play Nothing Personal.

Nothing Personal box

In a related story, I was recently asked if our game group was a game, what game would we be, and I said Nothing Personal.

Leon took a HUGE lead right out of the gate. By turn three, it looked like he wasn’t catchable. The rest of us were really close to one another. So Steve and Workman started plotting. But Steve couldn’t decide if he wanted to try to keep Leon from winning, or just give up on that and try to finish in second, beating everyone else. Workman just wanted to win. Natch.

And Leon was more animated than I’ve ever known him to be. He kept trying to tell Steve what to do. At one point, Steve was deciding who to take money from. He wanted to pick Leon, since he had the most money and was in the lead. And Leon started chatting. Which he never does. “You can’t keep me from paying to play cards. But you can keep them from paying. Take their money. The poor need to stay poor.” Every time anyone suggested going after Leon, he just said “Keep the poor poor.”

Stacks of influence

My fat stacks of influence. Dwarfed by Leon’s fat stacks of influence.

But low and behold, we all caught up to Leon. It was our closest and most intense game of NP yet. Close to the end of the final round, I somehow managed to be one point up on Leon. Steve was four points behind Leon, and Workman was four points behind Steve.


Not pictured, Workman on space 36.

But we weren’t quite done. Well, Leon and I were done. No cards left and no actions left to take. But Steve and Workman had actions left.

Steve attempted to whack me. Twice. And he failed. Twice. That left Workman to try to knock me out of first. But after a lot of speculation (“I’m going to make a move on Charlotte. Wait. No I’m not. No, yes I am. I’m definitely making a move on Charlotte. Am I?”) Workman finally decided that he couldn’t win, and all he could do was knock me out of first and hand Leon the win. And he was still mad about a perceived screwing that happened early in the game and he didn’t want to hand Leon the win. So I won.

I won? I WON!!!!!!! You know, it DOES feel good to be a gangster.

Best game of Nothing Personal ever. And I’m not just saying that because I won. But I did win. In case you missed it.

After NP, we played Love Letter. Because of course we did. For some reason, the countess got misplayed. Three different times. We never misplay the countess. (Even though I always have to think really hard when I draw her.) But we never misplay the countess. And we misplayed her three times. Three times! Weird. Oh yeah, and Workman won. I think. Maybe Leon won. I honestly can’t remember. I know me and Steve lost. I’m sure Workman will tell me.

So that’s that. Fun game night with gifts and a NP win for me and a LL win for someone. What else could you ask for?

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!