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The House of the Rising Sun (On Pi Day! With Ice Cream!)

Happy Pi Day everyone! Since game night fell on 3.14 this year, I baked us a pie. I only have one decent pie in my arsenal, which I like to call my Mostly Chocolate Chip Pie. Because it’s mostly chocolate chips. Mostly.

Mostly chocolate chip pie

After dinner, we walked to Meijer to buy ice cream to eat with said pie. And Workman bought his first ever ice cream scoop. It was a good night. We do love an adventure.

But you’re just here for the games I imagine. (Otherwise you’d be on some niche pie or ice cream or ice cream scoop web site.) So let’s get to it.

It was Steve’s pick and he was feeling some feudal Japan. So we brought out Rising Sun again.

Rising Sun box

We’d only just played like two weeks ago. I really dug this game.

This time, we picked factions. Leon was the Lotus “I do what I damn well please” clan. Steve went orange clan who gets a free Bushi (Fox clan maybe? God my memory is shit.) Workman was the yellow “deep discounts” clan. And I got to be....you guessed it....the heroes on the halfshell.....the turtle clan.

The Turtle Clan

”Am I not turtley enough for the Turtle Club?”

During the first Tea Ceremony, Steve and Leon got all allied up. Even though Workman wanted to ally with Leon. Or Steve. Basically, anyone but me. What’s wrong with me? I’m easily manipulated. I think I’m the perfect ally. (This repeated each Tea Ceremony, btw. Steve and Leon allying and Workman getting stuck with me. I’m not sure why he found the idea so unappealing. But it felt like I was being picked last for kickball in third grade again. Could have done without that.)

Alliance token

There is nothing remotely sexual about the alliance tokens. Nothing at all.

After working through my feelings of inadequacy, I focused on the game. I really liked my faction. I liked moving my strongholds around and using them as a force in battle. And I like the sculpts. And I like to be green. And turtles.

Check out these sculpts

Check out these sculpts. I mean, you don’t see that everyday.

Donatello or Raphawl

Donatello. Or Raphael. I get them confused.

I played better this game. I got seven unique war tokens. That’s a 30 point bonus. Plus the 13 points I got from each token. Unfortunately, I only got two points during the game, so I only got 45 points total. Suckage.

I did slightly better than Steve, who finished with 42. He might have been feeling feudal Japan, but feudal Japan wasn’t feeling him.

Leon appeared to be dominating the whole game. He took three war tokens in the second round because he was unchallenged in three regions. Three! Unchallenged! This should not happen. He finished with 50 points, which is not as many as I expected but still more than me.

Meanwhile, Workman didn’t appear to be doing anything. He went all in on cards, but I couldn’t tell how well he was doing. I don’t know why I doubted him. He wrapped around the score track and finished well in first with 62. (He must have had an amazing ally, amiright?)

Giant neoprene map

We got to play on my giant neoprene map. It looks amazing and smells like ass.

I really like this game. Better than Blood Rage for sure, but honestly, probably not better than Chaos. This play felt somewhat samey. It may be because we’d played it so recently. No matter, I still dig it.

And afterwards, of course we played Love Letter. Leon went out of turn and Workman exposed my card to everyone, but it was an otherwise uneventful game. And Steve won again! #theyearofsteve

Tonight was super fun. I needed a game night, and this one didn’t disappoint. I love my game group. #GGN

Thanks for reading and Happy gaming! And Happy Pi Day! With ice cream!