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The Great Indoors 2016

Saturday 30th July was the culmination of a year and a half's work: the Great Indoors came to Bromsgrove Rugby Club. For no good reason, other than wishing that there were more local board game events (and I like organising things), I had decided to explore the possibility of creating my very own event and turn this

Empty Bromsgrove Rugby Club

into this

The Great Indoors 2016 in full flow

First issue: finding a suitable venue. Bromsgrove Rugby Club fit the bill very nicely; a good price for all day use, catering and bar run by the club and space for about 50 people around tables and chairs.

Second issue: getting a date in the diary that wouldn't clash with other events. The original proposition of a date in May was sensibly changed to late July to attempt to take advantage of a post-UKGE lull.

Third issue: getting support from people and companies within the industry. Well, as it turned this really wasn't an issue. Thanks to the incredible generosity of a number of individuals and game publishers, we got loads of brilliant prizes to hand out to some lucky winners. Thanks to nearby family, Charlie and Northumbria Games setup a shop to sell to the punters. And finally, Richard Denning and Medusa Games came to demo and playtest The Great Fire of London 1666, Tinker Tailor and the upcoming game Nine Worlds.

The last issue was then to make sure enough people came along to make the effort seem worthwhile. We posted on boardgamegeek forums; we advertised in the UK Games Expo programme; we ran Facebook and Twitter campaigns; and we spoke to friends and family. The result? We managed to get 45 people to come to the event, the vast majority sticking around for a sizeable chunk of the 12 hour day.

A very successful day came to an end at 11pm with happy punters leaving laden-down with new purchases and prizes such as Arcadia Quest, Above and Below and Anomia. And on Sunday...the Lord may have rested but this crazy mo-fo started planning for next year!

Many thanks to everyone who worked to make this possible: Charlie, Richard, Neil, Phil, Jon and Aaron from Bromsgrove Board Gamers and my amazing wife for allowing me to pursue a dream.