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Teamwork, 5

It was Workman’s pick, and he was “kinda feeling Tichu.” He first said he had some analog version of Hearthstone he was going to have us play, but I was pretty sure he was just being an ass and I responded in kind. (BGG really needs to add the middle finger emoji.) So of course when his legit pick turned out to be Tichu, I was all about it.

Tichu box

This isn’t from tonight. I pulled it from my camera roll. When I play Tichu, I almost never take pictures. One, they’re boring. But two, I’m a very focused Tichu player.

Team Charlotte/Workman had a very good game. We had one Tichu call (Workman, he made it), but I should have called Tichu almost every hand. Last time we played, we never got the Dragon or the Phoenix, but this game we were gifting them back and forth right and left. We got very lucky with the cards. Also, I’m baller.

Steve and Leon were not so lucky with the cards. Steve made a desperate Grand Tichu call to get back in the game, but he missed it. We decided to call it after that. Team Charlotte/Workman won with 880! Woot! (It was mostly me, no matter what nonsense Steve says about Workman carrying me. Horseshit, I say.)

Hand of cards

OK, I lied. I took a picture.

After wrapping up Tichu early, we gave Leon his birthday gift. (His Birthday is next week, but we likely won’t get together because of Christmas and other holiday shenanigans.) We got him Battle for Rokugan and Codenames: Marvel. We decided to crack open Marvel Codenames and play tonight.

Marvel Codenames box

When we were discussing what to get Leon and thinking about this game, Workman and I both acknowledged that we would get our asses beat playing it against Steve and Leon. They are both huge Marvel fans, and while I can hold my own in a conversation about the Fantastic Four, my knowledge doesn’t extend much further in the universe and Workman knows less than I do.

So imagine our surprise when we won the first game! We played on the word side of the cards, but I very much like that you have the option for words or pictures. In the end, we played four games and split 2-2. Two games we legit won, one game they won, and one game we hit the assassin (although we weren’t driving hard to the hoop for a win there either.)

Marvel cards

Some of the highlights:

“Cousins, 2.” “Well, it isn’t Hulk and She-Hulk. I’m pretty sure they aren’t cousins. Did Thor have a cousin?”

“Patriot.” “No, but I wish I’d seen that. That was a good answer.”

“How are you not getting this.” “I don’t know wrestling.” “Yeah, I just still feel like you should know this.”

“I’m trying to decide how smart you are.”

I love Codenames. I didn’t think the Marvel and the Disney and the bawdy joke versions really needed to be made, but I guess the variety is nice. It was surprisingly difficult. But definitely fun.

And that’s a wrap. Probably our last game night of 2017. And what a great year we had! Thanks for coming along. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. (You probably didn’t. But you know. It’s just something you say.)

Until next year, thanks for reading and happy gaming!