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So many onions

Let's kick the post off with a recap of dinner. Well, just the appetizer. We ate at our favorite (usually) Mexican restaurant. Leon got there first, got a table, and ordered "loaded queso". It was on the table when I got there. It was the nastiest looking plate of garbage I'd ever seen. "What the hell is that?" "I think I ordered the wrong thing." It was cheese and chorizo and onions and onions and onions and grease. With extra onions.

Workman and Steve got there and lost their minds over it. "This is amazing." "Best queso ever." "You can't have too many onions." No, you can. You definitely can.

This has nothing to do with anything, other than I needed to mention it. So. Many. Onions. So many. Onions.

Anyway, on to game night.

Tonight was weird. We started with a closer. Sort of.

Steve ordered Number 9 and brought it for our closing filler. But he was so excited to show us the pieces that we got it out first thing and then we just played it. Which was fine. It's good to mix things up every now and then. Like playing games you know you're gonna to suck at. Just for example.

I knew I would suck at Number 9. But I actually did better than I thought I would. I think I finished second after Workman, but I really don't remember. I should have written down the scores.

My numeric masterpiece

My numeric masterpiece. When I was in college, I was into a guy that was into Tetris. That time investment finally paid off.

Workman's winning numeric masterpiece

Workman's winning numeric masterpiece. Mine's prettier. I got the asthetic win.

I liked it. I would play again. It's definitely different. Seems like a game you can't play too much or it gets samey. But every so often, instead of Love Letter, absolutely.

And now on to our signature game of the evening, City of Remnants. A few weeks back, we were digging around Workman's closet looking for a 3-player and we found this. We opted out of playing it then, since it didn't look like one to play without reading the rules. But we ear-marked it for a future night. That night was tonight.

City of Remnants box

My god, this picture is dark.

I was the designated rule-reader. I did so, and watched a video. I asked the guys to watch the video as well, since the game seemed a bit rulesy. I even implied there was nudity and sexual content in the video, just to get them to tune in. They either didn't fall for it or they don't care to see Rodney Smith naked, but they didn't watch it. (To be fair, Leon may have watched half of it, before messaging me to say "I'm beginning to think you lied about the nudity just to get me to watch this." Me?)

Anyway, I provided a lengthy rules explanation during which everyone finally asked me to stop talking and just play already. They don't appreciate me. They really don't.

Our little city

Our little city. Of remnants. And tiles. And plastic minis. And other stuff.

Remnants is an early Plaid Hat game. (And let me just say it's a damn good thing they brought Fernanda on board to do their art. Holy shit the art is weird in this game. Scroll back up and look at that cover. I mean wtf?) It's an area control game that dips a toe into deck building and resource management.

Our game saw very little player interaction. Steve moved in on Workman just once, got beat down, and no one took anyone else's territories. The whole game. I'm not sure what was wrong with us. (Late game, Steve and Workman confessed that the amazing onion and grease queso was not nearly as good two hours later as it had been over dinner. Maybe that was it.)

Whatever the reason, we took our areas, we built tiles, we bid for gang members, we produced resources and we bought and sold stuff. We just didn't battle. After the turns phase, there's a Yugai (I may be saying that wrong, I kept wanting to call them the YugiOh) phase where our evil alien overlords get randomly dropped on the board and we battle them. They got dropped on me virtually every turn. But I beat them back every time. (Except one time when I paid them off. Don't judge me.). But that was all the battling that happened. (Although last round was pretty epic as Steve kept rolling threes, which re-releases the YugiOhs and he and Leon kept having to battle them. Good times.)

Workman won with 72. Steve had 69, Leon 67 and me 66. I hate Workman.

I liked City of Remnants but I didn't love it. It did some clever things, but if I was choosing between this game and probably any other area control game that we own, I don't think I'd choose this. It was fine. It just wasn't amazing.

Since we played our filler first, we played another filler. You know it, Love Letter. It was a memorable game in that Steve baroned with a priest and won, I won an entire round with a baron, and Leon won the entire game when Workman made a completely boneheaded play. (I can say that because I'm usually the boneheaded player. Also because I hate him.)

After Love Letter we still had time so we played Parade. And I won! Which isn't entirely fair because as I am like to do, I can't remember the damn rules to this game for the first half and I do a lot of takesies backsies...."oh, I'm taking all those cards? I don't want to do that." But I did ok. At one point Workman said "For someone who says they don't know the rules, you sure aren't taking any points. " I had 18. It was glorious.


Did I mention that I won? I won.

And that was that, another super-fun core four game night. With extra onions.

Thanks for reading!