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Playing with your Mind

Our good friends over at Herefordshire Board Gamers have been busy little bees arranging multiple upcoming events. The first of two charity game days, from 11am to 11pm, is on March 31st and will be a relaxed affair while an "extravaganza mega fundraiser" is being held on May 19th.

Last, but certainly not least, is their rescheduled 24 hour board game-a-thon (with the original event snowed under) being held on April 28th.

All three of these events are supporting the work of Mind, their chosen charity, and they are hoping to raise £1,000 this year. If you are in the vicinity of Herefordshire and/or like a well organised, enjoyable board game day then please consider attending and supporting Ad and Elaine's efforts. You can also watch their descent into madness playing Monopoly at Hour 20 of the marathon on social media. It's sure to be entertaining...