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Mistakes Were Made

Hello there! It’s been a minute. We skipped last week as my mom was in town. (Actually, the guys played TI4 on Sunday but I sat out. Dodd won. Workman got obliterated. It sounded fun.) And this week, we found ourselves sans Steve. So we had to pull out the Three-Player Game Night Playbook. (That’s a thing. Buy a copy. For realsies.)

Three-Player Game Night Playbook

The main game of the evening was Battle for Rokugan. And I have to say, I love the hell out of this game. We picked it on Monday, and I started thinking about it and I got really excited. Don’t you love games like that? Games you just think about and then you’re jonesing to play? (Don’t tell Root.)

Battle for Rokugan box

We picked clans. Workman wanted to be the Scorpions (No one like you-ooo....), Leon picked the Crabs (he may have called them the Crabasses, it’s hard to say for sure) and I went Team Phoenix (#teamphoenixforever).

Team Phoenix forever

And right out of the damn gate, I get pitted against Workman. My secret objective was to control the Scorpion capital and/or the other two Scorpion provinces. Like I needed that heartache. I could have chosen the other objective, but it was to control a province in every territory on the board or something super impossible.

Team Phoenix trying to move in on Scorpion Land

Team Phoenix trying to move in on Scorpion Land. Trying to rock it like a hurricane, if you will.

So Workman and I skirmished over and over all up in the middle of the board and Leon fucking dominated. Like, for realsies. He was this entirely unstoppable force. Crabasses don’t play, apparently.

I felt like I was doing Ok. I was no Crabass, but I was solidly in second. Because Workman sucked. Like, so bad. He kept getting Shugenja-ed. (“Shugenja” is Japanese for “take your token off the board and shove it up your ass”.) I even started to feel bad for him. (IKR? What is wrong with me?) I had to place my scorched-earth token during the last round and he had the only territories I was adjacent to. And I legit felt guilty.

And my turns had ceased to matter. I had spent the entire fourth round preparing for a hail-Mary into the Scorpion capital and I had the entire fifth round to make it happen. Except some Crabass declared peace in the only province I had that was adjacent. Are you kidding me Leon!?!?! I couldn’t complete my objective. Damnation.

Workman, most likely removing yet another token from the board

Workman, most likely removing yet another token from the board.

So we wrap up round five and tally our scores and somehow Workman beat me, 23 points to my 19. W.T.F. I mean, honestly. How does this happen? But as we’re pulling tokens off the board I remember we didn’t include territory bonuses. I had 15 more points. Workman had 10 more. I beat him by a point.

Oh. Yeah.

Also, Leon had 56 points. Crabass.

Battle for Rokugan is such a good game. I love the pacing, I love the territory control, I love the variable turn order. I especially love how you just shit tokens all over the board before the game even starts and then you go from there. You’re in the thick of it at the start of turn one. This one is a favorite. Why don’t we play this more?

After getting stomped on by Leon, we played Not Alone. Twice.

Not Alone

Game one, Workman was the alien and he shut us down. We never stood a chance. Game two, Leon was the alien. And he also did some shutting down. Almost. He caught Workman on almost every turn. And he needed one more point to win. But then we turned it around. And by we, I mean me. I bobbed and weaved all over that planet and got us rescued. Me. Workman just ran around and lost his will and got caught.

Here we are winning

Here we are. Winning. Look how close Crabass got.

Not Alone is a neat game. My biggest complaint is the rulebook. This is a game you just want to pick up and play with no prep, but it always seems like we need to check a few rules and we can never find them and bleh. But otherwise, super cool game. I dig it. Just don’t make me be the alien.

And no three-player game night would be complete without Biblios.


This game had the weirdest auction phase of all time. It was all gold. All gold. So much gold it became comical each time we flipped a gold. Which was every time. How does that happen?

Orange and green mostly sewn up

I had orange and green mostly sewn up. I was planning to buy more blue but no blue cards came up. (Just gold.) Leon kept amassing all the gold that flipped, but gold doesn’t win games. In this instance, red and brown won games. At least they won Workman this game as they gave him seven points. I took orange and green as expected, but they were only worth five. And Leon took blue for four points. And a gabillion dollars worth of gold.

And we wrapped up with Love Letter. Because of course we did. Leon won, despite having to come from behind and despite a giggling fit mid-game. It was quite contagious.

And thus concludes our Three-Player Game Night Extravaganza. It was fun. It usually is.

Be sure to tune in next week. Or don’t. You know. Your call.

But for this week, thanks for reading and happy gaming!