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Mike Dimona's Five-Point Plan

It's draft day! Who's excited?!?!

Ashes box

We haven't drafted Ashes since January. I haven't even played Ashes, drafted or constructed or otherwise, since then either. I was in withdrawals. I do love me some Ashes.


This is what the pre-draft looks like when you're OCD. Yes. They're in alphabetical order.

Other pre-draft

This is what the pre-draft looks like when you're all ready and no one's here yet.

We had a fivesome, but we lost Leon last minute to a parenting thing. So me, Mark, Workman, and Munch set forth with four. We removed Aradel and Brennan, since according to the spreadsheet I keep, they win far too often. (Yes. I keep a spreadsheet.) We each got dealt two Phoenixborn, and three were out of play. I pulled Coal and Noah. Mother-&$@#?%. I might have complained. I might have been allowed to put one back and pull from the three out-of-play. I might have done that.

So I got Dimona. She's not the best, never won a draft actually (see, that spreadsheet is handy), but she's better than Noah and Coal combined. And she's not really terrible in a draft because she's dice-agnostic.

Halfway through drafting I realized I had no summon spells. I think I had only seen one. I never saw another. I had some good allies (Stormwind Sniper, Anchornaut, Rose Fire Dancer, and of course, Dimona's Knights.) So I felt OK? Maybe? I also had Molten Gold and Ice Trap and Hypnotize. If you're paying attention, you know that means I needed all four dice types. Not a good plan. But I only needed one ceremonial, and with all those allies it wasn't a bad dice power to have, so I went with it. (They tell me that's called "splashing".)


The entirety of my spellboard.

I played Mark first. He was playing Orrick. First game is always weird, because you can barely remember what's in your deck and you have no idea how it's going to work. It was a close game, until he brought out the Flash Archer. I had an Ice Trap IN MY HAND with the dice to pay for it, and I just didn't play it. So the Flash Archer took out two of my allies and then I realized my mistake. I lost my mind and I never recovered. He won easily after that.

Mark playing Munch

Watching over Mark's shoulder while he played Munch.

Next I played Workman. After we removed Aradel and Brennan from the draft, Jessa became the best PB in the game and Workman got her. Of course he did. I hate him. And of course he got the Living Doll and Chant of Revenge. I hate him so much. But I actually did well. I think I had 12 or 13 on him? To his one on me? But in order to set up a particular play, I had to make a series of side actions. Which meant all he had to do was pass to reset anything I had put together. So to make sure he didn't end the round, I attacked with my Sniper, just to have a main action. And I triggered this shitstorm of chants and death and reactions the likes of which I'd never seen. I couldn't even hate him for it since I did it to myself. God I hate me. So of course I never recovered from that and he won game two.

Munch's hiatus

Munch takes a short hiatus from his game with Mark to lose his mind over the combat rules. Mostly because Ashes is not MTG. This is hard for some people.

Then I faced Munch and Leo the Shirtless Wonder. We were both O-fer. Ours was a more typical, back and forth kind of match. At least, I couldn't pin-point a single moment when I beat myself and handed him the victory. He still won of course, I just didn't feel so bad about me at the end of that one.

Lots of pretty custom dice

Not an actual roll. I set this up for the picture. It was my best roll of the day.

While we were deciding who wasn't the worst, Mark and Workman were embroiled in a slugfest to see who was first. At one point Workman said "watch this, it's the most amazing thing you'll ever see." So me and Munch leaned in, watching in anticipation, and then Workman said "nah, I'm not going to do that." But he did something apparently, because he eventually won. Theirs was the best game of the day by far.

After Workman took a victory lap, we played Love Letter with my son Ben. I am owning this game lately. I was so confident about winning that I even kept playing after I got knocked out one game. (I'm not even kidding, I'm a bonehead.) But I still won. How many is that now? I lost count. My favorite part was laughing in Workman's face when he guessed Priest. Classic.

Reading back over this, it's way more technical than my normal posts. Sorry for too many details. But it was a fun day, even if I was sans win. Thanks for reading anyway!