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But it was still a good game night. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

Afterwards, I drove home, regretting an embarassing Clockwork loss, relishing a glorious Love Letter win, and wearing Workman's socks. Life is weird.

Finally we played a blissfully short game of Skull. Workman won. I guess he deserved it. He didn't have a great night, all things considered.

Love letter

Look at all the love. And it's mine. All mine.

After CW, it was Love Letter o'clock. I made it my sole purpose to screw Workman. He got not a single cube. But then, neither did Steve. So mostly just me and Leon played Love Letter. And King Charlotte came out on top. Woot.

I dig Clockwork Wars, but I have gotten progressively worse every time I've played. Not cool. Maybe I just need to pick my seat better.

Sick burn

Sick burn.

But just as we were starting to box up, Leon says "Wait, we didn't score the court. I get five points. I win. Move blue up and take another picture." What?!?!?! Leon won? Workman lost?!?! Such a dramatic finish. The crowd went wild. Mostly me. I went wild.

I hate purple

I hate purple. It pained me to take this photo. Also, please don't look at green. Shamebell.

So final scoring happened and I only got five points and every body else got a gabillion. But Leon didn't get a gabillion and four which is what he needed to beat Workman after I took away his six discovery points. Once again, I accidentally handed Workman a win. I hate me.

We played the nine-round game and by the final round, there was nothing much I could do. I had one espionage card left that would basically rob someone of a discovery. If I played it on Leon, it would cost him six points. But I doubted it would cost him the win. He had it in the bag. There wasn't anyone else to use it on. And I had blown my chance of winning the court. So I used it on him. Bye-bye six points.

Sad little assortment

Look at my sad little assortment of green tiles. If someone would have kept his purple ass out of my business, it would all have been fine. But nooooo. I can't be allowed to have nice things.

I finally couldn't take it anymore and had to excuse myself to lose the pantyhose. I'd worn boots, and didn't like the idea of wearing boots without socks for the trip home, but whatevs. I'd figure something out. I was still losing, but I felt much better.

No matter what I did, I couldn't get around Workman. I started trying to actively avoid him, but it made no difference. He kept deploying where I deployed and of course he kept winning. I felt very bunged up. And I was wearing pantyhose. That certainly wasn't helping. My green territory just kept shrinking. It felt like the pantyhose were shrinking as well.

Leon and Steve were productively moving across the board, collecting IP, and making quite a place in the world for themselves and their discs. I just kept running into Workman and taking my discs off the board. He killed my Hunter in turn two. Who does that?!? Why did I have to sit next to him?

Green early chances

Things were looking ok for green early. I'm still feeling good about my chances in this pic. Purple ain't got nothing on me.

We decided to randomly generate a map. This may not have been the best idea we've ever had. Workman was HQ'd in a field of brown tiles and he was clearly going to need to take over another side of the board. He would likely go after Steve.

Steve hadn't played before.....he was the Rhinochs. Leon was the Trogs, Workman was the Inventions, and I was the Mongrels. I'd been them once before. I liked their Hunter unique unit. I had big plans for the Hunter.

Clockwork Wars box

It was Leon's night to pick and he wanted to play Clockwork Wars. I love Clockwork Wars, for two reasons. One, it's a fantastic game. And two, Workman can't seem to win it. Here's hoping we keep the streak alive.