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Leon made up an entire dinner outing to Red Robin, and I can’t even think of a title for this post

Almost a full month ago, my copy of Rising Sun arrived at my door. I’ve been dying to play. But everybody else wanted to play Charterstone. Selfish bastards.

But tonight was finally my night to pick. What has two thumbs and didn’t pick Charterstone?

Rising Sun box

I had done a fairly amazing job of learning the rules. I mean, I had the time. So I explained everything, everyone paid attention (yes!), and we randomly chose factions.

I was the Dragonfly clan. Because I’m so fly. Not really. I pulled the Dragonfly clan because I wanted to be the Turtle clan so of course Workman pulled the Turtle clan. Because that’s how these things work. Steve was the yellow clan (deep discounts) and Leon was the red clan (money = ronin).

Dragonfly clan

Dragonfly like a G6.

I wanted to be the Turtles

I wanted to to be the turtles because I wanted to play with their strongholds. And name each one for a famous Italian artist.

I started out feeling pretty good about things. I allied with Leon and won two war province tokens in Spring.

Summer was less awesome. I allied with Steve, which was fine, but I only got one war province token. It was a different one, but still. I wasn’t getting any VPs during the mandate phases, so I really needed end game scoring.

Autumn outright sucked. I won nothing. Nothing.

To make matters worse, I legit got pissed off at Workman during our last battle phase and it derailed me. So much so, that when I was tallying Steve’s score at the end, I jacked it up and possibly cost him the win. Not a great ending to an otherwise great game.

Not a great ending

And it was a great game. There’s so much I like about Rising Sun. I like the mandate phase/action selection mechanic. I like the battle mechanic. And I like how alliances shape both of those things in different ways. The area control felt fresh as well: you need to win battles, but you need to win battles in different places each round. And you don’t know where those battles will be from season to season. Solid game.

In the end, Workman won with 46 points, Steve had 42, Leon had 31, and I finished with a stellar last place 29. I don’t know why I even try sometimes.

Selfie face

Selfie face.

Afterwards, we played Love Letter. And we actually ran into a rules conundrum, if you can believe that. Steve and Workman both finished a round with a baron. They went to tie-breaker. And they both had 12 points. What is the second tie-breaker? Is there one? This has never happened in the gabillion games of Love Letter we’ve played. So we took to the Internet. Between BGG and Reddit, we determined that they both got a cube. And then, something else that has almost never happened in the gabillion games of Love Letter we’ve played......Steve won! Woot!

And that was that. I imagine we’ll be back to Charterstone next week, but I enjoyed this brief moment in the sun. (Get it? Sun? Never mind.)

Until next week......thanks for reading and happy gaming!