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King Steve and King Charlotte and Kingsburg

In honor of Pearl Harbor Day tomorrow, we let Steve pick. And he really wanted to play a game that would let us play with our new dice (see last week’s post). So he came up with Kingsburg.

Kingsburg box

We had to combine some sets, but we each got three of our own custom dice and played the game with them. It was actually kind of cool.

That's what she said

Yeah. That’s what I said.

We’d played Kingsburg before, but it’s been a while. And I’ve only played it the one time. It’s not a complicated game by any means, and it didn’t take long to come up to speed.

I concentrated on building out my top row for points. Workman concentrated on taking all the spots I wanted. Steve concentrated on cursing his dice. Leon concentrated on getting his hands in every picture I took. We were all very concentrated.

His name is Workman

His name is Workman and he approves this space. Doubly so.

Angry eyebrows

The King has angry eyebrows just like Steve! All hail King Steve!

I somehow managed to lead most of the game. And then everybody caught up to me on the last turn and Workman zipped way past me. But I had seen the fight card and I knew it was a nine. And I knew it was Zombies. I tried to prepare.

I had eight. Eight is not nine. I was not prepared.

I was more prepared than anyone else, but it didn’t matter. We all lost five points. Had I been able to beat those damn zombies, I would have gained three and tied Workman. But alas, I did not. Stupid zombies. Stupid Workman.

Final scores

Final scores. Dammit.

I like Kingsburg. I like dice placement games, and this one does some clever things. It’s simple and light, which is a nice change of pace for us. And I liked that we used our dice. That made me feel good.


After Kingsburg, we played Love Letter. I got two cubes right out of the gate, so of course I got targeted. I had the king a lot this game, and everyone toyed with guarding me and guessing the king, but they never did. Fools. They did catch up....it was a three-way three-cube tie at the end. (Steve had two cubes. He tried.) And then in a bizarre plot twist, I won my final game with the baron. I beat a priest and a guard. What are the odds?

All hail King Charlotte. Long may she reign.

I mentioned earlier that it was Steve’s night to pick because of Pearl Harbor Day. That was actually bullshit. It was Steve’s pick because tomorrow is his birthday! (Say Happy Birthday everybody!) We got him a gift. It was nicely wrapped. That’s all I have to say about that.

Steve's present

And there you have it. Tune in next time (or sometime) to find out what we got Steve. Until then....thanks for reading and happy gaming!