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King Charlotte

This is going to be a short one.

That's what she said.

It was Workman's pick and he declared it a Tichu night. I was much excited. I love me some Tichu.

Tichu box

We played our usual teams: Steve and Leon taking on me and the Devil. (When you dance with the Devil, the Devil doesn't change; the Devil changes you. But you also usually win at Tichu. Which is nice.)

If you recall, Workman and I are undefeated. Steve and Leon are getting better. I was looking forward to a good game.

And I guess it was a good game? It was very grindy and undramatic. Only Workman called Tichu (three times, made them all) and most rounds were close. I could blame bad hands all night (and I will, I had some shit hands) but I didn't play well either. I did some stupid things (I failed to realize Leon only had one card left one turn and let him go out, I tried to get fancy and unload the Phoenix by going out last on purpose and then inexplicably went out third or some shit.....just stupid play on my part.)

And freaking Leon had a freaking pair of aces every freaking round. Every. Freaking. Round. "Can you beat a pair of queens!?" "Yeap." "Can anybody take these kings!?" "Yeap." Son of a bitch.

I never got a really good hand

I kept waiting for a really good hand to take a pic. I never got a really good hand. Also Workman's elbows.

And we messed up some rules as well. We misplayed the Phoenix one turn, which hurt Steve and Leon, and looking at the scores now that I'm home, I have Steve and Leon winning one round 125 to 0 which I don't think is mathematically possible. (Right? If they got all the point cards plus the dragon, that's 125 but that means we had to have the phoenix, which would mean -25 for us? IDK, math is hard.)

But......I don't think any of that changed our win. Yes, the streak continues.....The Devil and I won again! Our lackluster game finally had some panache with Workman calling Tichu and us going out 1-2 to win it 1195 to 830. Woot. Super close game though. I wasn't at all confident we would win.


Ten. Not my most riveting picture ever, for sure.

After Tichu, we wanted to play Modern Art, but Steve didn't want to stay much longer. So we played Love Letter. I got dealt the king like every turn. And got baroned with that king every turn. And lost. Which is never a good thing for the person doing the baroning.

But I did ok. In fact, we all did OK except Workman. He was going to test out the theory that in addition to spider fingers and spider toes, he has spider face. But he never got a cube. Not one. We blanked him again. So nice. Leon won.

And then we sat around and shot the shit for like thirty minutes, talking about head transplants and super-gross CPR. So really, we could have played Modern Art and left about the same time. But whatevs. It was fun. It's always fun.

Finally, for reasons that are not important, I've spent quite a bit of time this past week thinking about why I write this blog. And I haven't really come up with any answers (I'm still thinking) but I have thought quite a bit about the fellow geeks I've gotten to know here. I like this little community. And I appreciate it. You guys are awesome. Thanks for reading.

Turns out, this was longer than I expected.

That's what she said.