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Khorne Wants To Be Where The People Are

It was my night to pick. And Steve was finally going to show up. Correction, Wednesday was my night to pick. And Steve was finally going to show up. Until Tuesday, when he realized he couldn't actually do Wednesday (calendars are hard) and we were all gracious enough to move to Thursday.

And then on Thursday afternoon, this happened:


Our responses speak volumes about our character.

But it was all good, Steve was fine and he was just a tad late. (His new car needs a new bumper, if anybody knows a guy.) As I was saying, it was my night to pick. And I picked Chaos in the Old World.

Chaos in the Old World box

Chaos has significant importance for the Fun Group. If anyone is interested, you can read all about it in my introductory blog.

Chaos is one of my favorite games. It was the first area control game that I played and really got. The theme is 40k, so whatever for me, but the gameplay is awesome. I know Blood Rage is the successor, but I think Chaos is the better game. I love the asymmetrical gods. I love how simple the ruleset is. I love that you can win with VPs or you can win on the dials. I love, love, love this game. I wish I played it more.

The core four haven't played it since that very first game night. Leon and Workman and I have played it a few times at meet ups, but this was just Steve's second play. He was Khorne. I was Nurgle, Leon was Slaanesh, and Workman was Tzeentch. (A little Workman trivia, he's never won as Tzeentch, so he was very keyed up on getting the win.) (A little me/Leon/Steve trivia, we've never won as anyone, so we didn't give a shit.)

Chaos close-up

I think the cultists look like they came straight out of Seussical.

I was very focused. I think I missed my dial click the first turn, but sort of made up for it later in the game by getting two. And I led on VPs for most of the game. I dominated Kislev, then the Empire, then ruined the Empire, then dominated Bretonnia. (I would have dominated Kislev again that turn, but Workman is a dick and as such, things didn't work out.)

Chaos board

The Board. The pus and pestilence that you see is me. Please don't stare.

Leon had a good game as Slaanesh. He dropped some serious musk and flitted about his fields of ecstasy. Steve attempted to get blood for the blood god, but was kind of hit and miss. He hit me good one turn, then got zero hits on five dice the next. He kept moving his dial though, which is all he needs to do.

We were all kind of in it the whole game, and then of course Workman won. No one was surprised by this, least of all Workman. Achievement unlocked!

I was happy with the way I played though. I ended up with 44 points and two pending dial clicks. I think I had my best game yet. Plus also pestilence, which is nice.

After Chaos, it was Love Letter o'clock. And I won. Two in a row in love for me. I'll take it.

And then we finished with Skull. I played pretty ballsy (for me) and was out first (but I got a point!) Steve was next, leaving Leon and Workman going head to head. Leon's head prevailed.

It was a fun and festive game night, with everyone winning something except for Steve, but he's getting a new bumper so I'm sure he was equally excited.

Thanks so much for reading and happy gaming!