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Is that a true story?

Hello! Welcome to game night! Well, it’s over actually. You’re late. But it was fun! You missed a good time. Let’s discuss.

It was Workman’s turn to pick. And he picked confrontation. Twice.

First pick: Battle for Rokugan

Box and map Battle for Rokugan

This is our third time playing this game, my fourth time total. And in case you missed it, I LOVE this game. So simple, but so satisfying. That’s what she said.

I played an embarrassingly bad game. I jacked up the initiative deck because I can’t tell the difference between a scorpion and a crab (but to be fair, neither can Steve). When I was first player, I forgot to use my first player power. I can’t count, even after making a point of explaining how +1 works, and just handed Leon points and defense. I misread my objective and made it WAY harder than it was (but still didn’t complete it!) And I mistook the army for the navy and effed up my whole last turn. I left my A game at home apparently.


These are crabs. Not scorpions. But I totally get how you might think that.

The last time we played, we discovered afterward that we were playing wrong. We played such that if you defended a province that wasn’t attacked, you did not successfully defend that province and thus did not gain any defense or honor. In actuality, that is considered a successful defense according to the rules. I played the right way with my family once, and did not like that rule at all. We house ruled it and continued to play the way we played before. I like having to weigh the cost of losing a battle versus wasting a token. I like that a lot.

And despite my poor play, I still enjoyed the game. I needed six coastal provinces to get a ten point objective bonus, and despite having what I needed for most of the game, I only ended up with five. It’s partly my fault for the army/navy blunder, but I blame Steve. Because reasons.

I love the board

I love the board in this game. So lovely.

And speaking of Steve, no one considered him a threat the whole game, and he won. Leon seemed to be the player to beat, but Steve edged him out 33 to 29. Workman had 22 and I had a lowly 17. Dammit Steve. Good game, but still.....dammit Steve.

Dammit Steve

At a glance, whatever this is looks like a polar bear floating on its back off the coast of Japan. You cannot unsee this. You’re welcome.

After Rokugan, Workman wanted even more confrontation. He and Steve love Tigris & Euphrates. Leon and me, not so much.

Tigris and Euphrates box

I want to like this game, but I just don’t get it. I think it starts with not having your own player color and my mind just stays blown from there.

I played very non-confrontationally. I built my own little kingdoms and hoped no one would come along and fight me. And mostly they didn’t. Workman did once, but he’s a dick that way, so no shocked faces.

Steve's bull heads

Steve’s bull heads. I thought they were crabs. Not scorpions, just crabs.

It may have appeared that I wasn’t really playing, but I did have a game plan. I focused on keeping my point tiles in equal stacks. If I got red and green one turn, I went for blue and black next turn. It wasn’t a bad way to get through a game I don’t enjoy very much. It wasn’t a winner by any means, but it wasn’t bad.

Leon doesn’t enjoy it either. He had a much rougher time than me. He kept getting into dust-ups and never had any tiles to contribute. And by never, I mean never. Not one time. I began to think he didn’t have any tiles at all behind his player screen and just missed the step where you draw tiles. “How many red tiles do you want to contribute?” “None.” “How many green tiles do you want to contribute?” “None.” “How many blue tiles?” “Dammit. None.”

Steve and Workman fought and revolted and generally abused each other, but Steve had a couple of monster turns and won with 7. Workman had 6, I had 5, and Leon had 2. Dammit.

Steve was feeling pretty proud of himself and predicted a triple crown win with Love Letter. I said “You know when American Pharoah showed up for that last race all the other horses got together and said ‘Listen Guys, we can’t let him win. Who cares who does win, it just can’t be him.’” And Steve said (I’m not making this up) “Is that a true story?” Oh, it feels good to laugh.

We worked our way into a four-way tie yet again. And then Workman was out. And then Steve was out. It was down to me and Leon. But Leon made a bonehead play and played his king when he meant to play his guard. “We’re trading?” “I guess we are now.” Good game. All hail Queen Charlotte. And Silver Charm.

GGN. One favorite game, one not-so favorite game, and one Love Letter win. I’ll take it.

Side note, we skipped dinner tonight because Workman had a hard stop at 9:00 due to a work thing and we wanted to make sure we got both games in. And I really missed it. I love playing games with the three of them, but I also just really enjoy their company. I love having peeps.

And I love having readers. As always, thanks for doing so. Happy gaming!