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In which we play Kemet and Leon sneezes. A lot.

It was Leon’s night to pick, and he wanted to play Kemet.

(Editor’s note: if you know anything about Kemet, you know that it doesn’t suffer slow play. You’re driving hard to the hoop from turn one. Hence, I’m dispensing with the witty intro. We’re getting straight to it. Which is fine by you, I imagine. I laid it on pretty thick last week.)

Kemet box

It’s been a while since we played Kemet. (I could look it up, but there’s no time!) Someone took the time to re-read the rules and re-watch the Watch It Played video beforehand. (Who among us is wonderful enough to do all that? Hmmm. I just can’t imagine.) We unboxed everything, reviewed the rules, and began to assert our dominance in very small land area in ancient Egypt.

It was at this point that Leon sneezed. I didn’t think much of it. What’s one sneeze?

Leon sneezed

Everybody started buying stuff. I bought the white tile with the buxom woman who provided deep discounts. Then I focused on upgrading my pyramids and teleporting to the big temple and accumulating prayer points. Next thing I knew, most of the good stuff was gone. What good are buxom deep discounts when there’s nothing to buy? Dammit people.

It was at this point I noticed that Leon was sneezing a lot. Like A LOT a lot. Like, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard Leon sneeze before and here he was, sneezing his damn head off. It might have been a tactic? Hard to say.

Leon bought this elephant. He might have been allergic to it.

Leon bought this elephant. He might have been allergic to it.

Workman got a lot of VP really fast. He had two temples. He had a level four pyramid. He had a VP tile. And of course he won a battle or two. Interestingly, while all of us took VP tokens to mark all of our points, Workman didn’t take a token for his VP tile. He just counted the tile in his head. So we all thought he had six VP when he actually had seven. That was definitely a tactic.

Meanwhile, I wasn’t doing too awfully bad. I had five VP. Then I got confused and thought maybe I couldn’t have the Sphinx and a VP tile because they both had the VP symbol on them? Did that count as a dupe? I was attempting to look it up in the rulebook and Workman said “Let’s just worry about that when you get to eight points.” Really? Do you suppose he works at being so insulting, or is it just a natural talent? Regardless, he clearly didn’t see me as much of a threat. He was about to get his eighth VP.

Natural talent

But he got his eighth VP in the night phase, and you have to get through the day phase before being declared the winner. Sorry about your luck Workboy, but the game’s not quite over.

So we all focused on beating the shit out of Workman and trying to amass as many VP as possible ourselves. And we got close. Leon got really close. I thought he was going to catch him. But he had some bad luck in a battle. And he just couldn’t stop sneezing. It must have been hard for him to concentrate. So as I’m sure you all predicted, no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t stop the Egyptian steam train that was Workman. I just hate him so much.

He won at the end of the day phase with nine or ten or twenty or something, Leon and I both had seven, and Steve had five. It was a good game, just not good enough.

I really enjoy Kemet. Such a tight game that sounds so easy to win but in actuality is damn near impossible to win. For some of us anyway. I wish we played it more.

After Kemet, Leon still reserved his picking privileges and snubbed Love Letter. He went into Workman’s game closet, sneezed a few times and came out with 6 nimmt!. We hadn’t played that one in ages, and it was such a nice change. I fast-tracked us to end-game in about four rounds, as I’m like to do, and I lost big with 69 (tee-hee) points. Pharoah Workman won with 9.

6 nimmt!

Right after we got underway with 6 Nimmt, I got this text from my son who is back at school and was recently invited to join a game group:

Love letter domination

Is it possible that somewhere in the world Love Letter is always being played? Like, when Leon rejected it, the gaming universe righted itself and bunch of college kids played it instead? I shall ponder this.

In the mean time, thanks for reading and happy gaming!