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I'm in love! And it's not even Friday!

Hello and welcome to game night! I hope no one minds, but we played Root again. It was my pick, and there was nothing else I really wanted to play. And to be fair, I asked for suggestions from you all last week and only got one. (And it was for an out of print game that I’ve never even seen, much less played.) So you have only yourselves to blame. Really.

But in all honestly, I really did just want to play Root again. I can’t remember when a game has captivated me quite the way this one has. It’s all I want to play right now. Is this what Love feels like? (“Love” autocorrected to a capital L just now, and I’m leaving it. Because yes, this must be Love with a capital L.)


We switched up factions again, except for Workman. He’s hell-bent on winning with the Birds. Steve played the Cats, and Leon took the Vagabond. I wanted to play one of the expansion factions: the Riverfolk.

We got off to a rather sour start because people are rude and I’m a bitch and suffice it to say the first few turns weren’t that memorable for me because I was sulking. That’s all I have to say about that. Except this: sometimes other people don’t care about things in the same way that you do and maybe they don’t mean to, but they still make you feel small. And that sucks. That’s really all I have to say about that.

The Riverfolk are a merchant faction. They sell cards and riverboats and mercenaries. I didn’t think they were strong contenders to win, but they seemed fun to play. And those otters are just so damn cute.

The Riverfolk

I mean honestly.

Workman took a pretty commanding early lead. He got roosts out and racked up points every turn. So I decided to make it my mission in life to stop him. And I did OK. He had given me four of his warriors to buy a card early game and I used them to put out trading posts in his roost locations and then battled over several turns. I wasn’t always successful, but over time, I took quite a few roosts off the board. As did Steve and Leon. We beat him back pretty effectively.

Absence of roots

Note the absence of roosts. I think the forest looks just fine without them.

Steve was busy building up a feline empire. He did it quite well. I lowered my prices and he bought cards from me. We were getting along just fine, better than I normally get along with cats of any kind, and then I attacked him a few times and he didn’t care for that. But I needed the points.

I needed the points because I never could reserve enough funds to pay any dividends. My plan was to spend a turn or two, when I had lots of funds, and just not take any actions. Then get the dividend points. But there was always something I needed to do. It never worked out.

Party in the committed funds box

Party in the committed funds box!

Leon, meanwhile, was a better Vagabond than I ever thought about being last week. He collected what seemed like a shit-ton (metric system) of items. And he battled. He used his crossbow to snipe people and then attacked. I was the only faction he wasn’t hostile with. He don’t need no stinking friends apparently.

And here’s the best part (I thought).....it was a really close game. Once we beat Workman back, no one took a strong lead. Even I stayed close. (Me! IKR?)

We were in the last turn when I had an a-ha moment. Steve was going to win on his turn and if he fell a point short, Leon would win. I was planning my best points scenario for my last turn and Workman moved into a fox clearing and fucked me. Not on purpose, he just didn’t know what I wanted to do. And I said “oh, you really fucked me.” And he said “what, you were planning on getting ten points?”

And it occurred to me that he never plays for position. All I ever do is play for position. If I win, it’s a pleasant surprise. If he doesn’t win, where he finished doesn’t matter. I mean, it’s not relevant, I just never considered how if you are used to winning, there’s no other prize to be had. I guess my scrounging for every possible point looks kind of pathetic from that perspective.

Anyway, Steve did win with the rest of us at 26 (Leon), 25 (Workman), and 24 (me). Definitely our closest game yet. Woot for Steve, and woot for us!

The contenders

Look at those contenders! We’re definitely getting better.

I know I’ve said this every time we’ve played it, but I love this game. I think about it when I’m not playing it, and I want to play it all the time. It’s just such a genius design and such a gorgeous presentation....I love it. Love, love, love it. I’ve even ordered a shirt for god’s sake. I’ve got it bad.

Obligatory cute card pic #1

Obligatory cute card pic #1

Obligatory cute card pic #2

Afterwards, I didn’t feel like playing anything else so I bailed on a closing filler. I actually brought my quiver full of fillers, but I just wanted to go home and go to bed. Which is what I should probs do right now.

So good night, thanks for reading, and happy gaming!