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I'm hoping to think of a better title but if I don't, I'm sorry, it's late, I played a lot of Ashes today and I'm tired

In case you missed it, two new Ashes decks released on Thursday. It's been over a year. I wasn't excited. I didn't leave work early to go pick mine up. I didn't walk into the store and declare "I'm here for my Ashes decks and I'm very excited!" I didn't go home, sleeve all the cards (I'm a slow sleever, everyone thinks so, this is a big deal) and wait for the Hubz to get home. I didn't text the Hubz and tell him I'd scrapped my dinner plan, I was too excited to cook, please bring home some food. I didn't do any of that. That you know of.

Guess what else I didn't do? I didn't lose eight straight. Eight straight. Actually I did. Mark beat me seven times (over three days), and Leon was nice enough to meet me for lunch Friday and beat me again, taking some of the pressure off Mark. Swell guy that Leon.

So by Saturday night, my excitement was in the shitter and I was a broken shell of my former self. And guess what! I'd planned an Ashes draft for Sunday afternoon. I didn't want to play. I didn't want to draft. I wanted to back over all my cards in the driveway. But I didn't. We had a six-person draft as planned. And it was fiiiiiiine.

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

Steve has decided he isn't about the Ashes life, but Leon, Workman, Mark, and Munch were all on board. I invited my Eurogaming friend Matt to join us as he just started playing. So we had six.

The two new decks introduced two new dice types and I was a little concerned that they would throw things out of balance. So we drafted four extra cards each, and it was fiiiiiine. (Except Mark took the wrong dice for the new cards he drafted and no one noticed until his third game and at that point, no one cared).

Dice aplenty

Dice aplenty

I drafted Orrick, friend of the draft. He lets you re-roll and re-use up to four dice as long as they are different types, which rewards you for drafting too many dice types. But I'm so damn awesome, I only needed two dice types to play all the cards I drafted, rendering his power fairly useless. So maybe I meant to say I'm so damn stupid. But I digress.

Orrick Gilstream

Orrick Gilstream. The Draft Dream. On my team. Dice rolling extreme. Favorite pie is banana cream.

I won't bore you with a match-by-match play-by-play (although Workman did request a detailed account of all of his winnings and I will say that he went 5-0 because he somehow managed to draft the Mist Spirits yet again and because someone allowed him a very courteous do-over when he failed to read the Beast Tamer's ability and that person will remain anonymous but that person's name rhymes with "preevedog" just so you know). But I will say, I think it was our best draft yet. Everyone drafted really solid decks. Almost contructed caliber decks.

I went 2-3. I lost to Workman (ginormous asterisk on that one though), Leon, and Munch. All three games were grindy and down to the wire. I decked myself in two of them. But my games against Mark and Matt were very wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, over in a couple of turns and I'm not really even sure what happened. Go figure.

The owls

The owls were my MVP. Discard a card from your hand! So fun to say.

Mist Spirits

Did you know the Mist Spirits' attack value drops to zero when they attack the Beast Tamer? Yeah. Workman didn't either.

Jessa Na Ni

Leon drafted Jessa. I think she's won the most drafts after Aradel and Brennan, who were banned from this one for being too good, but I need to check the spreadsheet. Yes, there's a spreadsheet. #srsbsns

Final results were: Workman (Victoria), 5-0* Mark (Dimona), 3-2 Leon (Jessa), 3-2 Munch (LuLu), 2-3 Me (Orrick), 2-3 Matt (Rin), 0-5

Fun times

Fun times

So despite my not wanting to ever see another Ashes card ever again, it was a good day. I got over my funk. I still love me some Ashes. I'm glad we played.

Grilled cheese

This has nothing to do with anything, but after everybody left I was starving and made the best freaking grilled cheese sandwich I've ever made. Perfectly melted cheese and equally perfectly grilled bread? When does that happen? I mean look at the cheesy goodness! So delicious.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!