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I Hate Workman

It was Leon’s night to pick and he picked Charterstone. Dammit Leon.

Charterstone box

This was game two. I wish I had something exciting to say, but I really don’t. I think I liked this play less than last week’s? The pacing tonight was whack. It was “place-this-guy-get-this-thing” for the entire first half of the game. Just rapid-fire turns around the board. Then we started opening and unlocking things and the game slowed to a glacial pace. Everything we unlocked was a new rule, some of them considerably confusing. Maybe we should not have unlocked everything on back-to-back turns like that, but how could we have planned that better? Seemed odd.


Workman and my personas are BFFs

I felt like I played a lot better this game. Me and Steve and Leon were all doing well and staying close on the VP track the whole game. Workman not so much. He actually kind of sucked. And he kept it to himself really well. Never mentioned how poorly he was playing or anything. A real trooper, that one.

And then the game ended and points were tallied and that lucky m@#$&-f&$#@ beat me by one point. One. Point. I hate him so much it hurts.

One. Point.

One. Point.

And.....I finished dead last again. Crap. But.....Steve won! Yay Steve! He had this pumpkin/gold/VP engine running the whole game and it put him over the top. He kind of got screwed though. The losers got rewarded in a very nice way and he missed out. It was a way better reward than the losers got last game.

I’m not sure what to think about Charterstone. I don’t love it. But I don’t hate it. I think I would like it better if we were playing it in addition to our normal game night and not instead of our normal game night. I certainly don’t like it enough to not get to play all the other games I want to play with this group. And Steve’s already said he’s picking it for next week.

After learning fifty new rules in five turns in Charterstone, I was not up for playing again. So we played a trick-taking game I got recently called Sakura. I’ve played a few times and really liked it. I like the funky-shaped cards. I like the art. I like the simple game play. I like the puzzle of cards-versus-gold-versus-worker each turn. I was excited to play it with the guys.

And for reasons I will not disclose, I will never play this game again and Workman and Steve are going to hell. Also Workman won. He took no points and had the most gold. How do you say “I hate you” in Japanese?

Sakura cards

Sakura cards 2

After basically ruining the entire country of Japan for me, we played Skull. I won. My first Skull win ever. I’m the new leader of our motorcycle gang. Suck on that.

And finally, as usual, Love Letter. Workman tried to knock me out after having knocked me out the previous turn, and I knocked Steve out three straight tries. But we still worked it into a four-way three-cube tie before Leon won. Dammit Leon.

Also of note:

  1. A Guy Fawkes mask is very different from a Guy Fieri mask.
  2. People have some weird-ass phobias.
  3. Benny Hill is still not Monty Hall.

And so it was. Thanks for coming along. I may put the blog on hiatus if we continue playing Charterstone every week. I’m not sure I can come up with fresh observations and avoid spoilers at the same time. It might be best to just go off grid. We shall see.

But until next time, whenever next time is, happy gaming!