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If you've been waiting patiently (or otherwise) for news about The Great Indoors 2018 then your wish is now granted. Check out everything we've got in store for you so far. Hopefully we'll have more to add to this list of features in the weeks building up to the event.

Loads of open gaming space with signal system for finding games/gamers

People who've attended our first two events in 2016 and 2017 told us how much they valued lots of space for open gaming. This year's venue is much larger than last year and has masses of space for people who just want to game. We also have our signal system to make it easy to find games with open slots or attract gamers to join your game.

Open gaming

Extensive games library of 80+ titles (free to use)

Don't burden yourself by feeling you have to bring loads of games to play. With our extensive library that's free to use, we'll have games for all tastes from young family member-friendly Family Fluxx to heavy Eurogames like Wildcatters...and everything in between.

Specter OPS

Asgard Games retail area

Vince and co from Asgard Games in Walsall will be joining us again at GI2018 to provide our retail area. All your shopping urges will be satisfied by their wide range of stock.

Asgard Games

Blind charity auction

Continuing our support of Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network from 2017, we'll once again be raising money to support their fantastic work by holding a blind auction. Items in the auction will include:

Raffle for £50 BoardGameHut voucher (£1 a ticket)

We wanted to keep ticket costs as low as possible and indeed prices are much cheaper than 2017. Therefore, to help cover the much-increased costs of putting on The Great Indoors in 2018, we'll also be holding a raffle for a £50 voucher to spend at The Board Game Hut's online store. Tickets will be on sale at the event, and online, for £1 each.

Family zone with games suitable for the whole family

We have a dedicated family area which will offer a range of games suitable for the whole family including more offerings from the generous folks over at Ginger Fox. Teachers will be on hand to guide you through a number of titles if you need help.


Giant Tsuro

Our good friends over at Herefordshire Board Gamers will once again be bringing their famous Giant Tsuro set for your enjoyment. If you haven't had the chance to play this super-sized version in which the players are on the board themselves then don't miss it. If you have played it before, you'll no doubt want another go at this lovely life-sized game.

Giant Tsuro

Learn to play Omweso, national game of Uganda

In tribute to the kids from CYEN, we'll have our very own Omweso set to teach to attendees. Don't miss this excellent opportunity to learn the national game of Uganda.


You can also demo:

Magnificent Flying Machines by Richard Denning - Medusa Games

Richard Denning's new game, to be released at Essen Spiel 2018, a fun dice-rolling game based around the great air races of 1908-1913.

Magnificent Flying Machines

Solomon Kane by Jake Thornton - Mythic Games

Based upon the stories by Robert E. Howard (creator of Conan), Solomon Kane is a narrative adventure board game featuring exceptional 35mm miniatures. It is a highly innovative co-operative game of storytelling, resource management, and tactical miniatures play. Players take the part of the invisible powers of good and light who aid Solomon Kane in his quest to overcome the forces of Darkness. Each player is one of the four Cardinal Virtues: Courage, Prudence, Temperance, and Justice, each with special powers that reflect their unique role. With the Kickstarter campaign live until 5th July, you'll be able to demo this upcoming game at GI2018 and maybe even preorder yourself a copy.

For loads more information please read our Solomon Kane blog.

Solomon Kane artwork

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

Our volunteers will be running games across the weekend for new players and veterans alike so if you want to give this game a try, or have a matchup against another experienced player, we've got you covered.


And finally...

Our fully licensed kitchen will be stocked with tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer, cider, wine, crisps, sweets and chocolate and we'll be arranging orders for Fish & Chips and Pizza from local eateries. If that doesn't float your boat, there are many more options within a 2 minute walk.

Ice cream