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Friedemann Friese ruined game night. But then - plot twist! It was Stefan Feld the whole time!

Last night was game night. We had it all planned. Steve was back, and we roped Munch in for a five-player game of Battlestar Galactica. We hadn't played since the night we locked Leon in the brig for two hours because Steve was the Cylon. That was eighteen months ago. I still feel bad.

But tonight would be awesome. No awkward lessons about racism in the modern American criminal justice system, not tonight, no sir.

Workman skipped dinner to go home and clean the Gloomhaven off his table. And then he messaged us to advise that, umm, he might not actually own Battlestar Galactica. He might have, umm, traded it away two years ago. #awkward

But no worries! I had packed a bag of games I bought at Origins. Games that, ironically, Steve had planned to pick on his night, had he bothered to show up the last two weeks. And all were games that played nicely with five. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, Not Alone, Fabled Fruit, and Fuji Flush (not an Origins purchase, and not a Mensa Select game, but still light and fun. I thought.)

There may have then been some discussion regarding Workman's opinion of Friedemann Friese and his games. He may have said some things, like "complete shit" or "trash" or some such. I may have not agreed. That's all there was to that. I moved on. I wasn't mad.

So we kicked off the evening with Deception: Murder in Hong Kong.

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

I think it was a hit. We played six times. We all took turns being the forensic scientist, and someone (Workman?) went twice. I really like this game. This is the game I wanted Mysterium to be. I like how you have to try to build a story out of random words, and how you don't realize how people might interpret your clues. The mechanic that lets you replace two tiles, essentially getting a do-over for unhelpful clues, is genius.

I was the murderer only once, and it went poorly. Munch was the FS, and every tile he drew pointed to someone doing a murder in the woods with a chainsaw and leaving behind some plastic model punch-out parts. Literally, every tile. I didn't even try to deny being the murderer. I mean, what are the odds?

Bullet tokens are badass

The bullet tokens are badass.

We didn't play with the events or the extra roles (witness/accomplice), so there's plenty more game in the box. I hope we see lots more plays of this one.

After Deception, I was in no way still mad about the Friese incident. We decided to play King of Tokyo. Fun fact about me, I don't actually know the rules to King of Tokyo. I've played several times now. The guys just go to town on this game, and it mostly just happens at me. I know I'm ultimately playing Yahtzee but I can't ever remember if I want to go in to Tokyo or if I want to stay home or what. I assume someone will tell me what to do with each roll, so it's all good.

Giga Saur

I was Giga Saur. I blinged myself out. It intimidated the other monsters. I know it did.

One magical turn, I had rolled two claws, two 3's, and an energy. I asked what I got for rolling three 3's? Workman said "3 points, but you only have a one in six chance of rolling a three. You need to reroll all those and try to get claws." I know. I watched The Wire. I understand dice probabilities. I went for it anyway.

And BAM. Three 3's.

Three 3s

I'm not sure why that third 3 is illuminated like it is. Maybe it was magic.

I played the long game and eventually won. I think it was the bling. Also, Workman lost some energy because his lovesac ate it. (I'm not going to provide any additional context here.)

By then it was 9:00. I was tired. And not at all still mad about the Friese incident. I should have gone home. But we decided to play Not Alone.

Not Alone box

A great game, cool theme, interesting gameplay. I wanted to play. Except I didn't want to be the alien. But I was the only one who knew the rules, so I had to be the alien.

Spoiler alert: I was the worst alien of all time.

I think I only found a hunted twice (both times it was Leon - he was not pleased.) They ran all over my planet, making me look bad and not assimilating in the least. Another fun fact about me: while I love one-vs-many games, I hate being the "one". It's very stressful. It helped that I wasn't at all mad about the Friese incident.

Cards set up

I set the cards up so everyone could read them but me. Everyone who already had copies of the cards in their hands. I'm not a very smart alien.

So the hunted got rescued easily and went home and laughed at me as they flew away. I hate this planet.

Alien stereotypes

Nice representation. All aliens look alike to you, don't they? #alienstereotypes

After embarrassing myself with my performance in Not Alone, it was definitely time to go home. I wasn't mad though. I had been very pleasant company all night. Even though I bought Fabled Fruit for the sole purpose of trying to find a fresh filler for us to play AND on the recommendation of the Drive-Thru Review, and we would never play it now because Workman has opinions, I was still super-chill and light-hearted and agreeable.

Except I wasn't. I was really pissy. All night. So I messaged everybody this morning and apologized. Steve said it was all good, they just shouldn't have made me be the alien. And Workman said he was wrong, it was actually Stefan Feld that made the shit games. #awkward

It's good to have peeps that let you be you, even when you are being a bitch. I love my gaming group.

Until next time......Happy gaming!