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False Tip. (Don't Ask)

I know what you're thinking. No post last week? No game night? No Fun Group? Not exactly.

There was a game night. Last Monday. It started normally enough, eating dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. (I am in no way going to besmirch the name of this fine establishment as I do not think it is to blame for what followed.) Afterward, we went to Workman's house as usual. We sat down to play Ra.

We played one round. Leon pulled a Ra tile. I had to bid. I asked Workman to explain what two of the tiles meant. He obliged. I could hear him talking, but I became aware that I had no idea what he was saying. And I felt very bad. Very. Bad.

I went outside for some air. I sat on the porch for about five seconds and realized I needed to be at home. Like now. So I went back inside, apologized, and said I think I should leave.

In hindsight, I should not have driven myself home. But had I stayed, I don't think Workman and I could be friends anymore and he'd likely have to sell his house. I was hit with the worst bout of food poisoning in the history of food. And poisoning. Long, foul, story short, I was fine about four days later.

Missing a game night where the Core Four were finally all present and accounted for was the least important thing that got wrecked by this experience, but it still made me sad. I think by now we all know how I feel about game night.

Steve tells me they scrapped Ra and tried to learn to play Star Trek: Fleet Captains, a game Leon has had as long as I've known him and can't get anyone to learn to play for him. Steve says they jacked with the rules for about 30 minutes before scrapping it too and playing Epic. I have no idea who won. My money's on Workman.

So that was this week's game night. Sad face emoji. Also vomit face emoji. (And if I'm being completely honest, poop emoji.)

I know what you're thinking now, too. A Saturday post? Does this mean Saturday gaming? Indeed it does. (Damn you're good.)

Since none of us went to Gencon, we planned a game day with the Core Four plus Mark and Munch. The game on tap was A Game of Thrones: the Board Game. But then Steve realized the eclipse was happening in two days and he bailed. (Yeah, we don't get it either.) We didn't want to play GoT with five, so we fell back to another game that plays five, that feels rather epic, and that we never get to play.

Fury of Dracula box

Fury of Dracula (third edition) is my favorite hidden movement game. I love the theme, I love the board, I love the combat, I love all the stuff Dracula gets to do and how he tracks his movement. It takes the drudgery of "Are you here?" "Are you here?" and wraps a very thematic experience around it.

Fury of Dracula board

It does still suffer from the same ramp-up period that all hidden movement games seem to suffer from, which can drag it out. And that means it doesn't hit the table very often. And being a very rulesy game, that can also be problematic because that means someone has their head in the rulebook the whole game because no one can remember the details. Today's game had both: ramping up, and heads in rulebooks.

Leon was the Count. He stayed hidden until near the end of week one. We found his trail, but not him. But we were close. And that's another thing I love about Fury: when you realize where Dracula is, or was a few turns ago, the game totally changes. Everybody gets energized and focused. Every game I've played has been that way.

Mark, the very geriatric Van Helsing, actually stumbled on him first. In Strasbourg. They tussled. Leon escaped. But we were onto him.

Van Helsing

Van Helsing realizes he's bitten off a bit more than he can chew. The rest of us just watched, as one does when an old man gets into a scrape with the undead. Poor old bastard.

Soon thereafter, Workman (Lord Goldaming) found the Count. And got his ass beat. And beat. And beat. He ran in with this super-charged pistol, which he fired and dropped, and that was all he had. He limped away with 11 damage, just barely alive. Turns out being a one percenter has its limitations.

The Trail

The trail.

The next reveal sent Workman and Mark to the hospital. The game was essentially over - it was near the end of week two and Leon needed one more influence (he matured a vampire between all the ass beating) - but we played it out. I managed to get to Brussels and challenge the Count, but just barely. I did some damage, but died before I could make any difference. Leon won pretty handily.


I was Mina. Long flowing skirts are the best choice for fighting vampires I find.

Fury has some weaknesses. The day/dusk/night/dawn thing gets confusing. And the game seems to favor Dracula most of the time. But I guess if you have to favor one side or the other, you favor the title character. Overall, I'm a big fan and I enjoyed our play today. Even if the hunters lost. Badly. Embarrassingly so. But still. I had fun.

After our failed attempt at Leon hunting, we let Leon hunt us in Not Alone.

Not Alone

The first few turns, Leon nailed Mark like it was his job. Then he started finding me without fail. But we managed to move our marker and the hunted won in a very close game. I'm a big fan of this game. My one complaint is that the timing of the cards/phases can be a little clunky. But still, solid game. Very different.

Finally, we played one quick game of Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. Workman was the Forensic Scientist. He wove a tale of two lovers so steamy, the investigators could hardly focus on the task at hand.

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Duration of Crime was replaced with a Bodily Fluid event. It was a hell of an evening.

We all guessed. Poorly. We all knew Leon was the murderer, but he had smoke and rope, which are both great means of suffocation, and we didn't realize that earrings were more elegant than a suit. Another win for Leon. Sigh.

So that was our "we didn't go to Gencon" game day. In hindsight, everything we played was "Leon vs Many". Not sure how that happened.

Very fun day. We should do it again next year.

Thanks for reading!