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Episode XXVII

We were once again sans Steve, and Leon just now got around to watching Rogue One, so it was feeling like a Star Wars: Rebellion night.

Star Wars Rebellion box

It's a fantastic two-player game of course, but Rebellion is surprisingly fun as a team game. I think three is the sweet spot because it's really hard to be the Rebels and talk. The Empire can be a bit more open and honest about their plans. Take, for example, this whispered exchange between myself and Darth Workman during the assignment phase:

"Play this card." "Why?" "Just do it." "We're not getting anything out of it." "It's a good card, we should play it." Silence. "Ok, but I still don't see why......" "I just need you to play it." More silence. "This will only show us stuff we already know." "I know you don't get it, but we need to play this card. Just play the card." "Fine." More silence. Followed by an exasperated sigh. "See if we play the card, yes we're seeing stuff we already know but we're thinning that stuff out of the deck. Do you get it now?" "Oooohhhhhhh. I get it. You're really smart. That's why you wear that black helmet."

Death Star

Best Darth ever

As you likely surmised, Leon played the Rebels and Workman and I were the Empire. Workman doesn't screw around when he plays the Empire.....no second Death Star, no special projects (but by god you better thin that probe deck). He just expands across the Galaxy, shutting down the Rebels' production every chance he gets. Some call it the choke strategy, some call it the swarm strategy. The Rebel player calls it frustrating to the extreme, and the Empire usually calls it a win. Tonight was no exception.

The ultra-dysfunctional Skywalker Clan

The ultra-disfunctional Skywalker Clan

Leon played well, but his dice were not strong in the Force. Ours didn't miss.

Workman rolling like a boss

Workman rolling like a boss.

Leon is somewhat famous for throwing caution to the wind and hiding the Rebel base all up in the Empire's grill. He usually plants it somewhere next to Coruscant. I'm not even kidding. So the usual "head to the back of the board" routine doesn't always work. It took us more than a minute to find him.

After we narrowed down the Galaxy to like five possible base locations, Workman went all one-with-the-force and said "He's on Tattoine." So we moved in and sure enough, that's where the Rebel Base was hiding. Lucky for us, we had a Death Star just hanging out next door. We brought it over and wha-boom! Poor little Tattoine.

Poor little Tattoine

Workman doesn't so much believe in the project deck, but we obviously needed the superlaser online card to blow shit up. So we went to the project deck once and drew the superlaser online. Just like that. It's like there was some all-powerful force controlling everything.

I think we won on turn five or six. It took just under two hours. I say we, but I didn't contribute much. Except reminding Workman of the rules every so often. And making movie references. And taking pictures. At least I didn't just sit there.

After blowing up poor Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, we played Love Letter. And I won! It's been a long dry spell, but I finally won one. And I got in Workman's headspace. Good times.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!