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Declaring Art and Making Bank

It’s Sunday! And it’s game day! (Whaaa?) Before I explain, some housekeeping.

We did have a game night last week. It was Steve’s night to pick, and he picked the cardboard manifestation of unending monotony. I mean Charterstone. As promised, I did not blog about this experience. But to summarize, we played twice. Workman won both. I finished second in both. I’ve decided finishing second is where it’s at. You need glory points, not wins. At least not now. And you get loser swag!

Afterward, we played Love Letter and Leon won. Dammit Leon.

And that was our weekly game night. Sorry no post, but there wasn’t much to say.

This week, Workman is in training. I won’t say what he’s training for, but he can’t be bothered with the distraction of a game night. So we decided to play today instead. We’d been wanting to play on a weekend so we could get Steve’s birthday game played.

Remember this?

Steve's birthday present

Did you know they even made such wrapping paper? You really can get anything from Amazon.

Big reveal!

Civilization box

Before you say anything, we are aware there is a brand new version of this game. But we are not slaves to the cult of the new. Also, when I was trying to figure out what we could get Steve, he mentioned in passing that he’d played Civ once, always wanted it, and had no interest in any new-fangled version. So there.

I had also played Civ once a couple of years ago and remembered liking it. But I was the Romans and went all big military and I suck at military and I did not have a great game. This game, I was hoping to be the Egyptians. Or the Chinese. Or the Americans. So of course I was the Germans. I really hate drawing random factions.

Me and the guy from Jumanji

Me and the guy from Jumanji set out to build a civilization.

To make matters even more unjust, Steve was the Egyptians and Workman was the Chinese. Because of course they were. Leon was the Russians, but only because I actually drew them first and he offered to take them off my hands. Leon’s a good person that way. Workman just said I needed to get out of my comfort zone and play whatever I’m dealt. Workman’s an ass that way.

Faction selection debacle

After the faction selection debacle, there was no way in hell I was letting Workman have green.

We had one big obstacle at the start: no one really knew the rules. It had been so long since Steve or I had played, it barely counted anymore. I had read the rules and watched an odd little video series on how to play. I think Workman also watched the videos, and Leon watched three or four. But no one was in a real position to teach the game. So we fumbled through set up and the first few turns, which took a while, but then everyone seemed to get it.

I spent those first few turns wrestling with myself. Did I want to build a military and then attack someone, only to get my ass handed to me? No. Did I have much of a choice? Not really. But I decided I would rather enjoy the game than win the game, so I was going culture or economy.

I started quietly collecting coins. A couple of things went my way. My starting tile had a coin on it. I won a great person with a coin on it after winning a fight in a village (How much sense does that make? “Hey Bismarck, we pillaged this village and brought you back this guy. He’s kind of great.”) But other than that, I just built tech that helped me add coins. One little coin at a time.

One little coin at a time

And it was kind of fun, figuring our how to get coins each turn. Workman knew what I was doing after coin four of course (he’s like the Eye of Sauron), but Steve and Leon were very focused on their own progress and paid me zero attention. They both went heavy culture. (Steve called it “Declaring art”.)

Workman and Steve built up their militaries, but no one battled. I knew Workman was collecting coins as well, I just couldn’t tell how many he had. But I also thought he was setting up to come take my capital. Mostly because he spent a lot of time moving to my side of the board and I was the easiest of targets. Rude.

Bad cropping

About midway through. Also Workman’s fingers. Bad cropping on my part.

But I actually had a plan. I had acquired an event card that let me kill an enemy figure within four squares of me. So I held it. If Workman brought his jank army towards my capital, I would play it to buy time. I needed two more turns to get 15 coins.

But Sauron won’t let me have nice things. Right when I thought he was going to move on my capital, he calmly announced that he had 15 gold. Because of course he did. At least I semi saw it coming. Steve and Leon were all “Wait, you won? How did that happen?”

Two more turns

Two more turns. Two!

Ah well. I said I’d rather enjoy the game than win the game. And I did. I’d like to play it sometime when the rules are still fresh and I don’t waste turns figuring out how to play. That will likely never happen, but a girl can dream.

After Civ, we played Love Letter. Because of course we did. Workman won. Boo.

Then we played three games of Skull. We played the second game because I won the first game in just a couple of turns. I have no idea why we played the third game. Leon won the second, and Workman won the third. I realize this is practically gamer heresy, but I sort of hate this game. I’ve started playing way more agressively because one of two things happen when you play aggressively: you win quickly, or you get knocked out. Both have their appeal.

And there you have it. Sunday game day, in all its glory. We’ll be on another semi hiatus since we aren’t playing again this week, but the blog will be back late next week. When it will be my pick. Guess what we won’t be playing?

But until then......thanks for reading and happy gaming!