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Cry Havoc! Or not.

It's game night! I was super excited because we were playing Cry Havoc. And because I tainted last week's game night by being an asshole. But mostly Cry Havoc.

I even sent this super cute pic to the guys the night before so they wouldn't forget. I was so excited!

We were playing Cry Havoc

Kind of sad really, when it all played out.

And this morning, as is our custom, we debated via messenger where to meet for dinner (Cheddars!) and then Steve replied "Wait, is that tonight? Oh, I can't make it."

I can't even.

We tried to play the Munch card but he wasn't free. Sad face emoji. We decided to skip Cry Havoc and play something we enjoyed with three. Like Caverna. Or Nations.

Nations box

This would be my third time playing Nations. And my second time wishing I played it more often. I seem to have a two-age build-up before I really get my head back into what I'm doing. And what I'm doing is balancing. Balancing food and military and stability and ore and money. You don't need a lot of anything, you just need enough of everything. Nations is quite genius in that way.

Marie Curie flipping Steve the bird

If you look fast, it looks like Marie Curie is flipping Steve the bird.

I was Greece. And just like Greece IRL, I was a bit cash poor. Unlike Greece IRL however, I had a crap ton of ore. I couldn't do anything without producing ore. It was like a super power. (And maybe IRL Greece has a lot of ore, now that I type this, I realize I don't actually know.)

Anyway, Workman was Rome and Leon was China. They both started strong. Workman hired on Buddha to advise him, which is ironic really, because his Buddha kept saying "Build up your army. Guns! We must have more guns!" which doesn't sound like the Buddha I learned about in history class. (Actually, I never learned about Buddha in history class. But I heard some stuff.) The only good thing about the Workman version of Buddha is that he made him pass as his first action, which let me buy the war for a few turns and keep the military requirement low. But eventually Workman fired Buddha, started taking a first action again, and bought every damn war that came out. I hate him.

Speaking of hiring and firing, Leon bought Pocahontas right out from under me, only to fire her a few turns later. I hate him too. He built up a nice little world for China, and was the most stable of all the civilizations. Stability was his super power.

Honest Abe making a face

Honest Abe is making that face because he's pissed at Steve.

Late game, I did better. I managed to stave off the ill-effects of two really bad wars, and I maximized my "dudes-to-cards" ratios to get the most points. We had shitty progress cards the whole game, with virtually no food on the board, ever. (Which is why I really needed Pocahontas. I'm looking at you Leon.) I had no food engine, which meant I couldn't add workers as I couldn't afford them. I only added two the whole game. Two! I even tried to figure out a way to make them eat ore. Non-starter.

Workers staying put

My workers mostly stayed here the whole game.

I built a wall

I built a wall! Guess who paid for it? Yeah. The taxpayers. Who'd you think was going to pay for it?

In the end, I did better than I thought. Me and that Pocahontas thief Leon tied for second with 25. He beat me on tie-breaker. Workman had some points. I feel like he won. Maybe. Rome always wins, yes?

Someone named

Looks like someone named "B" was our winner. I'm not sure who that is.

After our civ building extravaganza, we played Love Letter (All the extra games I brought needed four players. Dammit Steve.) I took the early lead, then it was close, then I was in last, then Leon won by making me kill myself. Even though I lost, I admired the flair.

And that was that. I wish we had played Cry Havoc, but Nations is a solid game, and I'd been wanting to play for a while. So it's all good.

And I wasn't an asshole this week. I don't think.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!