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Cate Blanchett is not Tilda Swinton and I am not the King but Leon is the Pope

Few things in life are certain. Death. Taxes. And if it’s Steve’s night to pick, he won’t show up.

I should be more charitable. He tried. He picked Star Trek: Ascendancy. He was really excited to play. He even made it to dinner. But he was sick and felt terrible and decided to go home and sleep. (This is in no way relevant to the story and I’m not mad or anything, but he picked the restaurant too, and we went to Chili’s. I used to love Chili’s but they’ve changed their menu and I can’t even describe to you how bad it sucked. Just unfathomable suckage. Truly next level suck.)

So that left Workman, Leon and me. But we don’t sweat three-player game nights anymore. Workman shouted titles from the closet and we had so many choices we couldn’t even pick one. But we finally landed on Ra.

Ra box

I have a storied history with Ra. I’ve played it and enjoyed it very much. I’ve played it and not enjoyed it at all. And the last time we attempted to play, I blew out my colon and spent the night in the hospital (not Ra’s fault).

As per usual, I had to ask what the tiles did every time a tile came out. Every time. (Ok, so what does green do? What can I do with a god?) I must be super annoying to play with. The only ones I semi-remembered were the structures. You need to collect sets of structures. Only I apparently didn’t remember what constituted a set as mid-way through the game, I asked Workman what my sets were worth. “Um, nothing? You need all seven. Or three of a kind.” Well damn.

Ra tiles

Ra tiles. I actually remembered what they do.

Meanwhile, Leon and Workman were collecting structures right and left. I was definitely more diversified but I thought Workman was winning. Mostly because he had so many structures. And because he’s Workman.

But turns out I was the little Ra-caller that could. I played very conservatively (I remember pushing my luck too much in one game and consciously didn’t push my luck at all this time around). I spread my points around and even managed a set of three structures. And oh my Egyptian gods, I won handily with 48 points. Workman had 23 and Leon had 13. Woot et al.

Ra again

I was so in-the-zone with Ra this game, I summoned him again on the way home just to chat. Turns out he’s super chill and not at all happy with the way he was portrayed in Stargate. #themoreyouknow

After Ra, we played one of my favorite 3P-filler-auction-card-games-about-monks ever: Biblios.

It started weird. (Weirdly? Words are hard.) I ended up with nothing but 2-value gold cards for my first four cards. And Leon kept getting stuck with the church cards and had to use his papal edicts to value and devalue dice before he even had any cards. And I didn’t care about his choices because all I had was the damn gold cards. (Who the hell shuffled?)

Biblios cash

That brown 4 was a site for sore eyes.

I never go all in for all colors, but I did this game. Then I jumped ship on green and yellow during the auction. I ended up winning red and blue, but Pope Leon had knocked them both down to two so it didn’t matter. Leon won brown after bumping it up to six, but Workman took both three-valued green and orange. So they tied at six and Workman won on tie-breaker. Weird game. I still love it though.

Weird game

Stupid pope.

And finally, we played Love Letter. No one hailed King Charlotte (long may she reign) in this game. This game was all Leon. At least it wasn’t Workman.

Speaking of Workman, turns out he isn’t actually a completely terrible person. He bought me a sugar skull lanyard because I love such things. I was very excited. I might have squealed. And it’s day two of the Day of the Dead! So not just a super nice gesture, but also timely. I should probably stop saying such bad things about Workman on the internet.


Dios de los Muertos

Happy Dios de los Muertos everybody!

And that’s a wrap. I hope Steve gets better. Fingers crossed for the core four for next week. In the mean time, thanks for reading and happy gaming!