About Us

The Great Indoors is brought to you by a dedicated team of organisers, contributors and event volunteers. Find out a little bit about us all below.


Peter Hazlewood

Peter got into modern board gaming in late 2013. By October 2014 he had started Bromsgrove Board Gamers; he also founded The Great Indoors event, the first of which was held on 30th July 2016 at Bromsgrove Rugby Club, and is now a director for the newly-formed Board Game Hub. Aside from board games, he likes spending time with his wife (Emma) and young daughter (Florence), cooking and watching sport.

Peter Measham

Reformed Magic the Gathering player after finding Eurogames and Netrunner around 2013. Currently running Bromsgrove Board Gamers and is a software developer by trade. Likes tinkering in open source software, playing strategy games and seeing live music.

Tobias Owen

Tobias is a Data Analyst by day and an avid board gamer by night. Whilst he'll generally play anything, his preference is for strategy games that provide different avenues to victory. Tobias has dabbled in board game design but as yet is unpublished. In 2017 he founded Board Game Hub, an online store dedicated to promoting and selling board games from independent designers and small publishers.


Ad Best

Ad runs Herefordshire Board Gamers with his fiancée Elaine, a super group supporting the gaming groups of Herefordshire, which meets twice monthly. An IT consultant by day and night (he doesn’t sleep very well), Ad also runs annual charity game days and has raised over £500 for the last three years. Other hobbies include nature photography and airsoft (being outdoors and shooting things!) He is partial to traitor games.

Adam Bignell

Adam Bignell has recently been surprised by a previously undetected love for tabletop gaming . He lives in Birmingham, UK with his non-gaming wife (pfft!) and 3 children who all love the tradition of playing Arcadia Quest over the summer holiday. When not sneakily watching Play-through's on YouTube he's a sales consultant within the IT sector. Most evenings you'll find him sat at a table with friends fiddling with his meeples. Adam's other addiction second to gaming is eating peanut butter with frozen chopped banana.

Charlotte Malone

Charlotte Malone is a board game enthusiast living in the midwestern United States, two hours due south of Gencon. When not gaming, she is employed as the least technical person in an IT shop, and enjoys cooking and eating, and as a direct consequence, running. She can be found on Boardgamegeek as "creevedog", where she records the adventures of the Fun Group in the blog That's What She Said.

Tony Haines

Tony asserts that he is a real person and decries anyone who disagrees as a solipsist. The controversy continues. Using his powerful gift for Machiavellian guile, bribery and/or perhaps blackmail, he somehow persuaded Peter to post his ramblings here.

Victor Lamy

Victor is a product Manager in Digital Transformation and a Geologist by trade. He got into board gaming thanks to Blood Bowl in the mid 90s and after a long and inexplicable break, reconnected with them in 2014 thanks to Dead Of Winter. Victor is a French native speaker living in London with his board gaming wife (yeah!) and young daughter. He is also passionate about Artificial Intelligence and hopes that, one day, he’ll get to contribute to the design of a game.

Victor and his wife have a preference for highly thematic and medium to heavy games with positive player interactions, with some element of role playing and collaboration. Also, should you be a game designer, note that he’d love to blind test your prototype!

Zara Shoosmith

Zara Shoosmith is an Ancient History graduate from Cumbria. She became interested in board games as a hobby after moving to the big city of Birmingham in 2009 and has been learning about games and gamers ever since.

Zara enjoys a range of games and is always keen to play something she hasn’t played before. Outside of board games Zara loves to talk about history of any kind and enjoys skiing, murder mysteries and foreign language television.


Emma Hazlewood

Long-suffering wife of The Great Indoors founder Peter and mum to a future board game enthusiast. Emma's life changed when Peter was given his first board game - five years later the spare room is wallpapered with board game boxes and it has been necessary for her to learn a new vocabulary in order to converse with her husband over dinner. She has to admit to enjoying a good Eurogame, Castles of Burgundy being a firm favourite, and sometimes even wins a game or two.