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A week late but finally here. GET HYPED.

So as you undoubtedly noticed (did you notice? I hope you noticed) there was no post last week. (Unless you count Sunday, which was technically last week, but don’t count Sunday, it completely breaks the theme.) There was a game night last week, but for mundane, ultra-boring reasons, I was not able to post after. And then once you miss the night of, there seems to be no urgency to get the post out there. You know, I’ll just post whenever. And then of course it never happened.

So the plan was to do a first-ever double post. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Well, it would have been. But Leon’s off to Gencon and Steve forgot he has to have a tree cut down and Workman couldn’t be bothered, and just like that, game night got canceled this week. So, no game night, no double post, no other solarium. And now all we’re left with is an incredibly late, underwhelming post from last week’s game night. Sorry for the lame.

It was Steve’s pick. He had nothing. I showed him his list. Still nothing. He asked to play “something new”. So we played something technically old, but new to us.

Arctic Scavengers box

I picked up Arctic Scavengers: Base Game+HQ+Recon at Origins. It’s like ten years old? I think? I’m not a big deck-builder fan, but the theme in this one appealed to me. It’s the post-apocalypse. Society has broken down. Did I mention there was an ice age? What’s not to like? I’ve played a few times with the fam and liked it. It’s not complicated, I dig the art, and you get to snipe people. Fun times.

We played with the base game and all of the HQ expansion modules. I like expansions that introduce a variety of small things into the base game - a few new cards, a few subtle rules changes. It never seems like much going in, but then you realize how much a small thing can change gameplay.


My apologies for the upside down picture and the glare. And the generally meh composition. Photography will be very sub-par in the future. Prepare yourselves.

My tribal leader was the Fanatic. I got to suicide bomb peeps as they went about their turns. Completely not on purpose, I only ever suicide bombed Workman. (I’m not being sarcastic here, I really didn’t target him. It just kept working out that he was the best choice to explode myself on.)

The fanatic

I’d follow this guy. Who wouldn’t follow this guy?

Leon’s tribal leader was where it was at though. He had a guy (name forgotten, it’s been a week you know) that let him draw two/pick one for draw actions. He cycled through crap cards pretty efficiently. And he DOMINATED. He won all the skirmishes and just generally out-played everyone. I mean, no one played badly. Workman just kept getting blown up (whistle) and Steve was all “How the hell does a pick axe have just one dig? That’s all a pick axe does!!”

I did play badly though. I finished dead last with 25 points. Steve had 30, Workman 33, and Leon took it home (or back to his snow bunker) with 39. Woot for Leon.

Artist’s rendering of me at game end

Artist’s rendering of me at game end.

I like this game. The guys didn’t so much. Steve said he’d give it another try, but that won’t likely happen. Workman and Leon kind of hated it.

Afterwards we played two games of High Society. Steve won the first, Leon won the second. I like this game. Steve wants to play it over and over and over again. Every week. I can’t say I like it that much, but I like it.

Then we played Skull. I think I officially hate this game now. I almost just didn’t play. But that’s not cool. So I sulk-played. Also not cool. (Although, to be fair, I never said I was cool.) Workman won. (He is cool, and frequently says so.)

And then of course.....Love Letter. Leon won. It’s probably the Year of Leon. (Leon = also cool.)

And that was last week’s game night. This is where I was planning to insert this week’s game night. But, as explained, this week’s game night did not happen. I will insert an excerpt from our game night chat instead:

Spite post

Until next time......thanks for reading and happy gaming!