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GI2018: the full report

The Great Indoors 2018

Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th July at Bromsgrove Council House

We had more than 100 people attend over the whole weekend, though the exact number is unknown because I managed to recycle the paperwork. Sorry folks!


This year we played host to Mythic Games, with their prototypes of the upcoming release Solomon Kane, Asgard Games who brought their retail stock to sell, and the ever-present Medusa Games demonstrating multiple games including Essen 2018 release Magnificent Flying Machines and a world exclusive premiere for a King of the Castle-themed family game.

Solomon Kane

Mark demoing Solomon Kane

Asgard Games

Just a small selection of games then Vince

King of the Castle

Richard Denning's King of the Castle game. You saw it here first!

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Harvest Dice: a review

Sometimes I sell a few games and momentarily have a decent whack of money in my Paypal account. This is then to be used sparingly and only on games that I really, really want, because if I buy something on an impulse then it'll likely end up on the sale pile and the vicious cycle goes on. As an active member of the Facebook group Board Game Trading & Chat UK I see a lot of sales posts; I usually see an awful lot of games that I'm completely uninterested in which is probably just as well I guess. Recently though I saw copy of SteamRollers pop up. This is something I've had half an eye on as I crave a decent roll and write game; it also has the bonus of being a simple train game. Just like buses, they come along in pairs; in the same post there was also Harvest Dice available. Quick check on BGG and this also sounds like my cup of tea. SteamRollers is a very nice game, and maybe I'll do a review at some point, but as it happens Harvest Dice has stolen the show. Want to hear more? Read on kind gentleperson.

Front of box

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Ruthless: first impressions

Two years ago I was lucky enough to attend Essen Spiel to demo for Richard Denning's Nine Worlds. I was given the Thursday off to soak up the atmosphere and take a look at some games and was attracted to Roland MacDonald's little stand showing off his prototype for Ruthless: Legends of the Black Flag. The selling points were Pirates, and it being a different kind of deck builder, and of course incredible artwork as that is Roland's day job. It arrived a couple of weeks ago and I've now played it twice. Time for first impressions.

4p game at Bromsgrove Board Gamers

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A random, unofficial player expansion

If you are hoping for an article about the finer details of designing complex eurogames, I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. Animal-upon-Animal is a dexterity game where you build up a communal heap of meeples in a big two-dimensional pile on top of a crocodile. It gains a lot from the cheeky, chunky nature of wooden meeples.

Original pile

Original pile

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Mistakes Were Made

Hello there! It’s been a minute. We skipped last week as my mom was in town. (Actually, the guys played TI4 on Sunday but I sat out. Dodd won. Workman got obliterated. It sounded fun.) And this week, we found ourselves sans Steve. So we had to pull out the Three-Player Game Night Playbook. (That’s a thing. Buy a copy. For realsies.)

Three-Player Game Night Playbook

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I'm in love! And it's not even Friday!

Hello and welcome to game night! I hope no one minds, but we played Root again. It was my pick, and there was nothing else I really wanted to play. And to be fair, I asked for suggestions from you all last week and only got one. (And it was for an out of print game that I’ve never even seen, much less played.) So you have only yourselves to blame. Really.

But in all honestly, I really did just want to play Root again. I can’t remember when a game has captivated me quite the way this one has. It’s all I want to play right now. Is this what Love feels like? (“Love” autocorrected to a capital L just now, and I’m leaving it. Because yes, this must be Love with a capital L.)


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